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Friday, January 7, 2011


Swimming Federation, the national swimmer Deryck Büyükuncu'nun dissolved the agreement, he referred to the disciplinary committee.

Federation in a written statement, Derya Büyükuncu'nun, the minister wanted to live in America, communicated to the general manager and president of the federation stating, "However, house rent, training pool and a coach ödeyemediğini money, so unable to do the training and stated that it can not find a sponsor and asked for support. In this context he attached a salary of 10 thousand dollars and last a year came to $ 113 thousand cash support given to Büyükuncu'ya Dery "was included in the statements.

Written agreement, in exchange for financial support given to the expectations Büyükuncu'dan statement, said:
"Turkey and the national team of trainers to work in the event of settlement will be paid the same wage, have been reported. However, he stated that America will continue to live and work there. But Deryck Büyükuncu, located in Turkey since August 2010 despite the national team of trainers to work and rejects the proposals. In addition, a competition without the permission of the federation participated in the program. World Short Course Swimming Championships held in Dubai because of this competition participated in the last days. This had acted with him just fine despite being granted a salary deduction, the federation about the 'lad though they cut all the salaries' based on description, he was referred to the disciplinary board, and cut our support. "
Swimming Federation of the Board, the salary of 10 thousand dollars last meeting Deryck Büyükuncu'nun indirmişti 5 thousand dollars.

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