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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saw the photo's office raided

Isin Karaca, Dogan Seda's former lover, fashion designer turned to crazy to see pictures of Ezra Çetin'le lip lip

Khan, Ezra, Bob's office was out of breath. Live, love, announcing the name of the photographer Ray Karaca'yla Sedat Dogan, 23 December, the W Lounge "Slim Status" Çetin'le yakınlaşmıştı Ezra's party, fashion designer. According to Hurriyet, Dogan, Çetin'le lip lip photographs taken immediately after the party's uploaded to social networking site Twitter page. And one of the photos, this friendly, "Ray has forgotten, " was the title of news. The newspaper saw the crazy photo of Ray Khan returned, waited a few days. Ezra also went to Bob's office on December 30 Nisantasi. Bob rage on the walking and shouting the famous singer, office workers calmed. Ezra Çetin Sedat Dogan said Khan has returned with a new out of trips to America, "We went to America together, so do you have a clue? None. Because Facebook is lying to you. The same way you make me do you right now. This man is like that, "he said, and walked an angry manner.

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