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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"not good at all"

Hulya Avsar guest that "doctor" that make up the program on the evening of New Year's daughter, Zehra said ...

Kanal D, published in the "doctor" with a guest artist, Hulya Avsar, the program server Yetiş Zahid; Zehra on Christmas night to ask his makeup, "Make-up was not nice at all. Our biggest discussion because of the makeup. I'll take the stage to rehearse somewhere I went to before Zehra'dan. Zehra teyzeleriyle came along later. imploringly his aunt 'Gözümün can take the edge of the little black pen? "he received permission.'s enthusiasm to break that day, I sat down the next day I talked to did not say anything, but ... some things If this progression of years ago to take pleasure from it, the taste of escapes. Everything is on time ... "replied.

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