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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

he second round has started!

Hulya Avsar businessman and former lover of the artist between Saran 'magazinleşme' polemiğinde Kızı'nın Avsar was the second round of

Saran's former lover, the businessman a few days ago a question about Hulya Avşar'la directs reporters, "I bulaştırmayın magazine, " he replied. Avsar, made at the earliest opportunity and Saran'la question about retaliation, "the magazine bulaştırmayın me, " he responded.

Christmas lace gown and tango şovuyla resounding Hulya Avsar, Leyla's sister's birthday the previous day for the Coastal Fish Restaurant in Tarabya held a small celebration. Helin Avsar Zehra Çilingiroğlu'nun including meal and approximately 4 hours, while answering questions from reporters at the end of the night Avsar's daughter, to bring a lot of noise dikilmediğini outfit she wore at Christmas, said that such an objective. Avsar said he passed a beautiful night for New Year's Eve, "after a long period of time when the scene was very excited. Öleceğimsandım heyecanlandımki so, "he said. Saran asked him a question about her boyfriend leaving Sade, "I bulaştırmayın magazine, " he responds hatırlatılınca Avsar, and seized the opportunity to retaliate, "the magazine bulaştırmayın me, " he burst out laughter.

Hulya Avsar Aldatmayla talking about the "married man in his wife's lover if he deserved it, " he was detecting the discussion will create a. Avsar is still negotiating with Kumar's ex-wife about it as Cilingiroglu "huff after divorce feels like I offend me, " he said. Avsar, "Kaya, Kaya Hussein's son brought home three days old. Zehra and liked her baby. I'm the baby's mother göndermezdim", he did send Feraye'ye.

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