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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'pedophile' said why forgiveness?

To open the case because he has given up on posts made by Erken'in Ece Mehmet Ali Erbil, claimed:

"Why forgiveness? Where takes? Topic I gave my lawyer, he is interested in everything, "he said. According to Milliyet, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Ece Erken'e lawsuit to open the server gave up to him to throw insults the message has denied the claim. Early last week, a time to be offended by his close friend, Elif Demet Akalin, Mehmet Ali Erbil Güvendik'in going to sit home and they learned the rumor that he and the furious Arbil "Dogan abiyle removing step, and I no longer talk to you. Sübyancılığını, all my friends sarktığını, at Pelin (Sönmez) sarktığını everybody knows. Pelin standing posts. I am writing the truth. twitter that mercenary wives, Elif'le Demet'i salıyorsun on me, "sent a text message.
Demet Akalin "I'll finish your career," he said Erken'e açağını lawsuit. Early on it is the "I'm not one of a filthy mouth. Everyone at me, you know them too well. Already, Mehmet Ali Erbil açmıyormuş lawsuit. Stelyo sent with the news. Elif lawsuit with Volume açsınlar. I have already acted before them, "he said explanation.

"Friends 33 YEARS OLD"
Ece early "for so many years of art in my life I have a mouth like that, I did not see such ugliness," said Arbil is "Why is it forgiveness? News not send anybody. Where takes? I gave my lawyer the subject, he is interested in everything. I do not know what is on that stage. But forgive is not in question. Pedophile has written to me, I'd rather my friends said something. Said his friend was doing at Sübyancılık Yeliz (Sar) 33-year-old ... Pelin Stelyo my manager at (Pipis) looking for girl in the 'No where is such a thing takes? Instrument is me 'he said. The so-called bullying messages çekmişim Pelin. No, not my style. I did not take such a message in my life. Oh, oh, this kind of people stay away from me, "he said.

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