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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RTUK long series of times is at hand

Durst negotiating with producers indicating that the sequences will not be the same again stated that as long as

Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) also found long periods of 90 minutes series of finds. Shooting range of conditions applied to foreign inceleten President Prof. RTUK. Dr. David Durst, thinks you should shorten the duration of the local arrays.

Durst, 90 minutes, the audience finds so many times with the set-workers complained that the domestic sector producers met on time sequences. Durst, RTÜK'te times and features an array of foreign countries, said the work started and when it reaches the hands of the report will not be long enough for arrays with the same clues. "In Turkey, approximately 100 domestic and 40 foreign series published in the foreign sequences of time series, as well as Turks abartılmadığını" indicating Durst, said:

"Most of the employees 8 hours of television series has been working on a lot. They usually do SESC, such as the set of ışıkçı employees. They receive in wages is not satisfactory as the players. Estimated talk, a major player in a 45-minute episode of a player receiving 30 per thousand to 30 thousand range time is 90 minutes, but when the producer's cost is falling. However, for the same set of workers is not the case. Array of wages for the duration of the withdrawal of the need to come down at a reasonable level. Abroad there are penalties for overtime. Mahsun Kırmızıgül For example, even when shooting in the United States (New York, the five minarets), the workers have received fines for more runs. "

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