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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

O Behzat.

Ece wrote Temelkuran ...

I say all along:
Even as a person unaware of the devastating Hometown Behzat O arrays. "Izleyicisiyim the faithful. So much so that for example, "Dikmen CSI!" Unnecessary gülmüşlüğüm esprisine have a haftaboyunca necessary. Young writer created by View Behzat O Serbes'in. The success of the character, protagonist of the whole team, especially the best game released, and Ankara öğrenciliğimden I know the event, to be going through places like carrion, adverse selection of people who are not team players as I understand it, the story is strength ... Count the more reason to love. So I'm soon to say things you do not let unutturmasına.

O Behzat. I do not want men in this life and this life, do not want to represent almost anything. First Behzat O. an adolescent male. In fact that is not a complete man. At least, not yet a boy he could not. Lost his wife and daughter, cheap novels and Hollywood films, American police-detective typing yerlileştirilmesiyle stolen pot luck from the "joke" disguised, there is a cheesy Behzat'ta immaturity. Ironically, in this regard to pass the event in Ankara. Of life was established, was a man to man, between men and adolescent rudeness and sakarlığının confirmed again and again, women, products of the culture of coffee is one of almost parish parish kaçılan Behzat Engürü. Women on the thumbs, hırçındır, küser, hırttır, hırtlığını yontmaya required.

O Behzat., The women were possessed by fear, the loneliness of spirit created by the child of a boy trapped between berduşluk. Wayne wants the rosary, any number dövsün, sövsün, vursun, heavy silence bürünsün abi ... O Behzat a sad child. Talking to beceremediği fuck, beceremediği apologize for trying to charm a woman / harcamamasına any effort for a relationship despite the rejection / abandonment surprised, of saying what she felt, an idea that there did not care about what he wants velettir a spoiled!

This boy pouts cases in women leads to a strange mood. The first and the automatic one, "I cure her" compassion of nurses starting sanrısıyla reflex. Second and subsequent reaction of the teacher-mother's desire to be prevented:
"Man who lives with me is!"

Women are not given their hope alive despite the hope that can last!

O Behzat.'s A novel / series hero, but at the same time as the appeal çekilmezliği here. At least for women. For men, the reason is known. Adolescent boys built their own olmamışlıklarını to confirm what we all know that big industries. "Valley of the Wolves" for the cost of goods facing konuşamadığı liked all the male characters, why do you think!

O Behzat. affirming this situation, confirming and even the side characters as characters in a crowning its "veletliğine" calls. All the same hırtlığın Assistants, a part of the roughness and clumsiness. Although there is no lovable characters actually speak with a woman, almost all the same side of the road yolcusudur. A woman who manages to speak, to get the woman such as flowers, Behzat and the surrounding area that can do something silly for the inconceivable degree if a handsome young cop is just teasing. His well-groomed before being inserted into the bottom of the earth and the adolescent boy pejmürdeliği yüceltilir once again.

View Serbes'in not only the last term is a kind of young male writers "adolescent male literature," I argue that. Male characters than female characters to remain derinliksiz artificial and a result of this adolescence. To approach women, afraid to approach this in a literature. Like "Do you have a lover len?" He asked, "I'm nervous girls," shouted the children, such as ten-year-old boy. Maybe this is why we as women Behzat O. 'T like to watch. But never ourselves in our lives we do not want a nurse / teacher / mother awaken compassion in a way this character is remotely managed (!) Want to love.

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