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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dreams come true!

Roxette music career came together again after the long break the night of May 25 in Istanbul, Turkey for the first time music lovers meet in the Park.

An outflow of great music in Sweden at the end of the 80s started their lives and duties of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle'nin games pop müziğiydi fethetmekti world.

Music lists overturn the sale of the 33 singles and 75 million, a record album, "conquer the world" probably would not be wrong to say that tasks completed successfully. Except for one thing ... Tasks still did not end!

Marie Fredriksson'ın completion of the healing process after 2002, his brain tumor operation in 2011, a new Roxette album and world tour to meet fans again. Park on the night of May 25 in Istanbul, looking forward to for years, is expected to miss this great meeting

Roxette, pop music world in 1989, "The Look" has become a legend all over the world in 1990 with the input and the classic ballads "It Must Have Been Love", 1991, multi-platinum award-winning "Joyride" album they did after the first world tours. During this period, following 10 years almost all over the world continued to take place in the top of the lists Roxette.

Put on the market in 2005 "Listen To Your Heart" and "Fading Like a Flower" new cover versions of dance music again took its place in the top of lists.
Roxette and components, in the eyes of his fans are still the same.

Roxette in 2009, introduced all over the world will come together again in the dreams of millions of fans has come true. 600,000 concert and covering 42 more than participated in the European tour of fans showed great success and the two began to work on new albums. Roxette, 2011 new dates added to tour around the world while at the same time in the studio to explain the complete record of the last album.

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