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Saturday, January 1, 2011


57. chair the summit of the European Athletics Championships gold medalist a year Milliyet readers Yanıt'ı Neville's daughter took the wind

Milliyet 57 Traditional Sportsman of the Year Survey, Turkish Athletics daughter of the wind, almost breaking down barriers to European Championship victory ended Yanıt'ın Neville ran super ability. Milliyet readers in the city of Barcelona, Spain in 2010 as the greatest athlete on the European Athletics Championships in the 100 meters hurdles gold medal success in the summit took Yanıt'ı wearer's neck.
International crescent and star flag, many organizations have successfully represented many times in the final koşmasına whether national athletes returning from the coast of the big achievements Post Neville, a dream final in Barcelona after the great victory gained, and the biggest prize was the honor this right.
The most contentious race to the summit of recent years experienced in the traditional survey year, with spectacular performance brings to our country in World Supersport Motorcycle champion Kenan Sofuoglu was second for the second time the World Volleyball Championship, "the goal scorer" Neslihan Darnel names sultan took third place.

Tanjevic made the difference
Basketball Coach of the Year in the National Team head coach Bogdan Tanjevic vote, the first day of the survey had captured the leadership of the traditional rivals kaptırmadı and reached a happy ending. Apoletiyle chief of the World Basketball Championships in his tenure with the giants of history by Potanin, the team captured, despite the unfortunate disease left alone Montenegrin teacher won an honorable title.
Trabzonspor successful way of capturing the championship is a huge advantage in the second place while technical direktürü Senol Gunes, Bursaspor'a perpetuate the happiness of the 2009-10 season championship coach Ertugrul Scott third step was the honorary chair.

Zafer Demirel
Traditional survey last hours of the chair seat of the name of a certain other categories that are experiencing a major contention was the Man of the Year Sport. Basketball Federation President Turgay Demirel club Trabzonspor Chairman Sadri Şener with a very small vote difference between the breathtaking Demirel won the race. In this category, especially when entering a major offensive last week to shield Bicycle Federation President Emin Muftuoglu, Bursaspor chair in front of President Ibrahim Yazıcı was the third step.

Alex was not difficult
Fenerbahce captain Alex de Souza-class successful Sportsman of the Year, the traditional poll was one of the candidates reached the most comfortable distinction. From the early days of the race about a month-long seat star footballer followers seized the leadership has declared open the gap with each passing day. Trabzonspor played an important role in achievement of national goalkeeper Honor Kıvrak second ranked player of Beşiktaş experienced Fabian Ernst finished third in the race.

Giants top
Milliyet 57 Survey Team of the Year Sportsman of the Year in the traditional class there was a cutthroat race. World Basketball Championship in almost every match, playing in a final atmosphere and a strong second in the world by beating their opponents one by one, such as Turkey, a great enthusiasm successfully preserves a historic Basketball Men National Team finished the race first. But narrowly missed the European championship in a major victory in the World Clubs Championship Volleyball Women's Volleyball Team is returning from Fenerbahce Acibadem ranked second with a very small difference in votes. In the third step of the pulpit sat the last champion Bursaspor.

Özil threw difference
Sportsman of the Year category of the world, the Real Madrid star Mesut Özil Turkish origin, was the owner of title rivals by making a serious difference of votes. The readers of the Milliyet, a Turkish footballer seyrettirmenin proud to perpetuate a world giant star soccer players gave great support and vote yağdırdılar. This classification başrola Spain's European title race took another world star Xavi Hernandez in the second place.

It was time to live the excitement of waiting for years. The largest organization of our country would be held by the 2010 World Basketball Championship finals. Between them, such as Russia and Greece in the first round, teams are an ambitious group never completed the 12 Giant Men unbeatable leader, could go up to the finals showed. Then, Slovenia and France were victories, one of the last 4 teams so thick.
Semi-finals Sırbistan'dı rival. Breathing is almost stiff, stir doruktaydı. Serbia ahead of the match was going to leave, but the giants, resisted to the final. Kerem Tuncer I'm running out of everything on stage is full, it leaves a memorable tourniquet and stood in a moment of life in Turkey. Imagination is not real. We were unbeatable as ever at the World Championship finals. In fact, even in the U.S. but it is a breathtaking semi-final after yenerdik parkedeydik never rest again. The United States would remove the cup, but we switch to date, the saga of writing, 12 giant men to promote the dignity of the whole world lives in the moon-star jersey bearing the foreheads oyuncularımızla proud of flux.
NATIONALITY readers that they were proud of them proved their votes, the most successful team in National Basketball Takımımız'ı of 2010, released as a podium.

(Acibadem Company Group Chairman)
General Directorate of Youth and Sports federations strive to encourage and mobilize the sponsorship will be the excretion of reference, for example a display together, Sports and Acibadem partnership. Two giant hands gave the brand has set big goals. This is the beginning of the project manager for years at the club have made the most competent person experienced in the Yellow Alex who was a name, Mehmet Ali Intellectuals.
Chairman of the Group of Companies, the economic power of Acibadem Işbilir executive dream team has created a profile that blends the net championships have subscribed. In return for his great effort on the road to success in this Namik Sevik Service Award was more than enough to have deserved.

Bogdan Tanjevic
(Basketball National Team Coach)
When appointed in 2004, '2010 's staff will prepare' he said, always said that plans for the World Championships. However, there was a development that bring us all last season. Montenegrin coach was caught in serious illness and the right thing under these circumstances, the task, leaving uğraşmasıydı health. Not experienced coach, risking the health of the field appeared, and kept his promise to us, ADAM 12 Giant won a medal. Now one of us, he already started the countdown to Turkish citizenship. Milliyet readers did not ignore the sacrifice of 2010, the best coach Bogdan Tanjevic said.

Turgay Demirel
(Basketball Federation President)
Language was easy to complete 18 years, the seat of president of Basketball Federation oturalı ... Turgay Demirel man of ideals and goals. Eager set the destination of the 2001 European Championship final played 12 Giant Men, won the silver medal instead of the president brought this dream. Turkish Basketball ceiling done, everyone's 12 Giant Men song looped language. Here is the new target Demirel said at that time, we will host the 2010 World Championships, medals will he said. Too big a challenge, but everything is planned, it was difficult to reach, the goal was reached step by step.
In the end it was the day of the Turkish Basketball, achieved major success in the history of the world championship with the United States reached the final, once again won the silver medal. That is one of the objectives laid down many years ago has been reached. That puts these goals, and convince everyone to perpetuate the name Turgay Demirel Turkey, NATIONALITY readers voted out the podium.

Player of the Year
Professionalism in every footballer in the Super League can be an example of a life style, Fenerbahce captain Alex de Souza is one of the stars. 7 seasons in the team uniform he wore the yellow Alex who was a complete monument of stability. Seviyeliği calm personality and foreign soccer players in Turkey as one of the most successful form, dressed in not only their own supporters, rival supporters saw the love and respect. Even in the days of the crisis experienced at the beginning of the season as the coach Aykut Kocaman'la aksatmayıp chose calmness, 100 goals ousted threshold, 3-thousandth goal date has passed. Milliyet readers vote difference that great Brazilian footballer took off the summit chair.

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