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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gold New Year's baby Beyzanur'a Governor Mutlu'dan

Happy Governor

"The new year in different areas have the crowds. Hadise about these at the moment who do not have any negative gets to me."

00:01 hours New Year's baby born Semiha Sakir Women's maternity hospital was Beyzanur baby. Nadine and Peace Eşiter'in 2nd Beyza with children, 50 inches long was born on 3 kilos 580 grams. Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu and his wife, the baby-quarter gold Beyzanur put it on.


Happy reporters before visiting the Governor made a statement. Happy, "say hello to the new year of 2010 last night and their mother to visit yavrularımızı hastanemizdeyiz. Yavrumuz was born on 19. First of all I wish all of them to be healthier. I wish our nation to be better for the kid. God bless a long and healthy life Fertile. Happiness deepest is with the mothers, I have chosen to share their happiness. with my wife. Dolls in my opinion the most beautiful beings in the world to me. baliba New Year's Eve to see the babies in our most beautiful memories I thought it would be. " said


At the beginning of the new year with the task of medical personnel, public officials and members of the press the new Governor Happy anniversary, celebrations in connection with the places where they lived, "got the crowd about the new year in different areas. Nothing negative about these at the moment, no Event of gets to me. All night celebrated as such throughout the quiet would wish. Safety Our Association today almost half of staff at the disposal of Istanbul. başındalar task themselves, their families in their homes. " again, saying security forces celebrated the new year.

The governor and his wife, who visited the baby Beyzanur Eşiter Happy with his family posed for photographs. Happy, Beyzanur'un be beneficial for the family of the motherland and the nation wished olmlasını uGuru 2011. Happy pair, put on gold Beyzanur'a quarter. Father of Peace Eşiter "I am very happy to come to the world healthy." he said.

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