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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, Yildirim, gold will be the year

Mayor of London Central Yildirim Ozge Keskin Yildirim's golden year of 2011 said it would be.

Sharp, since 2004, has expressed a lot to offer important services to the project Yıldırımlılara. Indicating that many projects implemented in 2011 geçireceklerini Sharp, said: "2011 will be the year of gold Yildirim. Child Study Center and Museum of Science, Kaplıkaya Growth Center, Disabled Business School, the last major projects such as the Peace Palace, completed in 2010. the last finishing touches Yıldırımlılarla will meet in the early days of the giant projects of 2011. All of them bring the next routine municipal services, instead of disrupting. at least the next 10 years is the planned route for lightning. "

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