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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gold 2010 Top Kazandıranıydı ...

24 carat gold bullion, 32.86% return in 2010 'with the summit that no other investment vehicle ...

Those who invest in stocks traded on the Stock Exchange 24.95% in 2010, under the investment earnings of around 32.86% of those who hung up.

(A) Type of 18.17% investor in an investment fund participation certificates' yield the cavern, while bonds and bills, repurchase agreements and bank fazindeki aralğında was 6-9% returns.

In 2009 points to 52,825.02 at the end of 2010 completed the ISE National-100 Index was 66,004.48 points. 24.95% annual increase in the index was 13,179.46 points.

Moreover, inflation under the Currency
While inflation is likely to gain on gold investor in 2010, Swiss francs, an increase below the inflation rate could only outside investor in exchange.

Gram of 24 carat gold bullion sales price 32.86% in 2010, the Republic of the selling price of gold increased by 32.96%. 3.54% annual increase in U.S. dollar in foreign currency against TL in while avrodaki decline was 3.85%.

Funds, Bonds, Bills, Interest Rate and Repo Brought How Much Gain?
Banks and brokerage firms created by those who invest in mutual funds to participate in the documentation provided in 2010, earning an average rate of 6.38%.

Istanbul Stock Exchange ISE Bonds and Bills Market, 12-month government securities over the calculations of performance indices, obtained from assuming that investors are evaluating the return on their savings government bonds was around 8.17% net.

One of the leading 10 banks at the end of 2009, taking into account the average 1-year term deposit rates, the money investors to evaluate the net return of around 6.80% at the end of 2010 were obtained.

Of 2003, according to calculations based on the Istanbul Stock Exchange Repo Index in 2010, taking into account the investor's money repoda evaluate at the end of the year was 5.73% gain.

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