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Monday, January 10, 2011

Police raid scene in the movie Taxi Robbery

Üsküdar robbery scene shot for the series supposedly real citizens called the police. The teams, players, faced with capped arms wrapped

Dangerous thing happened on the set of a series taken in Üsküdar. Robbery scene attracts snow capped players, supposedly the real thief when citizens call the police, the police raid, the snow capped players drew weapons. Nato Cengelkoy kuyumcuda Uskudar on the Street, yesterday morning incident occurred in developed as follows: Channel D, published in the 'Acacia Bus Stop' by players of the series, was set to take the jewelry store robbery scene. Four masked robbers stole the gold with profit according to the scenario of armed conflict arose between the jeweler. Dry tight heard gunshots and saw some of the players who fled due to the role of citizens in the event, called 155 thinking they are real. Announcements when I moved the radio channel, robbery, Uskudar Preventive Services Bureau and the Public Security Bureau Amirliği'ne Amirliği'ne rapidly due to all the teams went to the region. The first police team to the scene, according to a role in facing the thick barrel of a gun shot trying to escape the real players drew their weapons. Puzzled returning players, the police, to convince the series are pulling sweat poured death. Cameras saw police, he asked whether this time the shooting permits. Series team, said that 155 Police Emergency line information. However, the police office with the owner of record keeping was a construction worker in the statement. Players in the dry strict weapons handed over to the police. Robert Bakr Cavusoglu the moment the players, "For the first time I'm having such a thing. The police were surprised uğradığımızı us what weapons reservation. My knees still shaking with fear.'ve Been through great danger," he said.

Players blank guns, the police handed (right). Hamza Kırlaroğlu minutes of dread about the hairdresser eyewitnesses, "a short time, many came to the team. Shooting took. In a moment I thought that the conflict will be released. But I realized that the shooting subsided mess," he said. And set-ups were canceled after officials with the materials, the dominant left kuyumcudan.

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