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Monday, January 10, 2011

Distracted by car, killed his wife home pompalıyla

Home, car, distracted by his wife of six hand-pump rifle shot and killed and his daughter wounded Ahmed O. caught

Automobile workers demolishing the garden wall into the night shift in Kahramanmaras house pump rifle killed his wife, his daughter were injured. Taken into custody by police after the incident O Ahmed. his expression was then referred to the prosecutor's office was arrested by the court. The incident occurred in the neighborhood of Adil Sheikh at about 08:00 hours yesterday morning. Ahmed O running a textile factory. (43) in the morning automobile entered the house, demolishing the garden wall. The angry husband pumped the rifle in his room, his wife Ayse O. 'to (38) fired six times. An unfortunate woman were killed and the couple's 13-year-old daughter, F.C. injured taken to hospital.

The Security Wept
After the incident the garden to throw the rifle Ahmed O., half an hour after the adjacent neighborhood was arrested. Police Department suspects who do not want to testify, prosecution of the query and then arrested. Suspect, Ahmed O. 'constant crying and the Security of "I did not kill my wife I did not do it, "he said.

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