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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dollars week began like a rocket

£ 6 months, the highest summit of the day starting 1:58 quotations dollar continues to rise. Quotes are traded on the interbank markets, the level of £ 1.5810/15890.

Istanbul in the free market of $ 1.5800, the euro was 2.0380 pounds next week.

Lira lira 1.5800 dollars from 1.5720 in the Grand Bazaar are sold. 2.0270 pounds from the sales price of the euro was 2.0380 pounds. Thus, the first time after 6 months of about $ 1.5800 pounds was seen.

1.5710 pounds selling price of the dollar on Friday at the close of a free market, the selling price of the euro was 2.0370 pounds.

European countries, the growing concerns for the debts of the euro / dollar parity with the dollar decline and fund outflows / TL increased, the Treasury's new benchmark bond interest rate benchmark bond tender and tender as expected, some sales can be seen in the market said.

Expectation in the market to make sales of around £ 4 billion auction of Treasury bond interest rate of 7 per cent level and the formation of a new indicator of a bank in the direction of saying that the bond-bond board processor, "the market will wait until the tender. In fact, because of market maker obligations portfolios of banks to sell paper, instead of bidding You can choose to place. For this reason, a vendor looking to tender, the tender of the purchase then we can see, "he said.

Bond-bond market, the spot on Friday, closing 6.99 percent, 6.93 percent of the value date, 6.98 percent in the last spot transactions, with value date at 6.93 this morning, August 8, 2012 itfalı OTC market, the first indicator compound interest bond transactions at the level of 6.95/6.92 percent.

U.S. $ / £ at the rise in the euro / dollar parity reflects the movement of a bank's foreign exchange desk said processor, "on the basis of currency basket on Friday, not on a lot of levels. But on Friday there was a strong upward movement. But last week saw the continuation of short-acting could not make a profit realization . Friday's U.S. non-agricultural employment data heads are a little confused, a figure higher than expected. On the other hand, worries about the debt of European countries continues. These developments in the dollar against the euro değerleniyor. auctions held in Europe will follow this week. U.S. $ / £ 'down at seems more limited movement, said the level of 1.5700. Up the 1.5850 level is important, "he said.

HSBC Strategist Robert Keresteci steps taken by the Central Bank against hot money composition of the new policy and practice in TL in the sting, and then winning the continuing acceleration of depreciation, fund inflows in the early days of the year came back as soon as possible, he said. Installed on the redemption of the Treasury pointed out that before the alarming depreciation of TL'deki Keresteci, after a point it took TL'deki this trend by creating inflationary pressure on input costs, since this may affect the stated and continued:

"Although the Central Bank regarding inflation, but not worried, we're not very optimistic about it. For this reason, try to present what kind of financial results are not in favor of subjects that will lead to netleşmeyene. Note TL'deki weak course of expansion will continue until a news style looks. facade of interest because of the market-maker banks' liabilities will not move interest rates upward, but also much below that in the estimate. "

Euro, the concerns of European countries, the increase in debt in Asia with operations in four months against the dollar today fell to the lowest levels. Investors Will Do the weak euro zone countries' short-and long-term debt auctions this week before was worried.

Portugal, Spain and Italy Will Do debt auctions this week, the embattled countries of the euro zone this year's first exam is seen as reasonable costs borçlanamayacağının borrowed.

Euro, for the debts of countries in the region concerns the passing of the narrow-volume transactions, stop loss orders are processed in four-month low against the dollar saw levels.

Euro, dollar levels of 1.29 and 1.2870 trading platform EBS after triggering stop loss orders fell to 1.2860 dollars.

TRADER, in the first half fell to

The first session, the ISE 100 Index, according to the previous closing 878.14 points to 67,892.15 points, a decrease was closed.

Value stocks lost 1.28 percent on average.

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