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Monday, January 10, 2011

Husband crane crushed Berkay'ı

Lighting poles lining of Izmir TEDAŞ crane, ramp out of control. Crane, drifted by on the street under a parked car. Cindy died in the car

ACCIDENT, Bayraklı'nın Gümüşpala TEDAS team district, street lighting poles occurred when sewing. With a steep ramp in the street, up from the center of gravity changing crane mast, fixing their feet began to drift down on the ramp. Crane workers can not control, those in the street shouting warned to flee. Screaming out the difference on the status of the Trust Expedition, parked on the street in 8-year-old son in the car ran for dear life to save Berkay'ı. However, drifting truck, car, houses, walls extending between the door of Sefer Inan compressed. Believe, by jumping kurtulurken roadside, the son of one of the walls of the car in flames after sıkıştıktan perished. Instead of firefighters are called in the accident, after a long skill to 50 Primary School Year 2 Inan grader Cindy's body, was able to remove the car.

UPRISING HAS neighborhood
Expedition Shock İnan'a medical teams entering the father made a tranquilizer needle. Time the police believe, of a heart attack the day before kayınvalidesinin been brought under treatment in hospital, hospital attendant in the hospital in preparation for the visit to his wife and kayınvalidesini, said he expects his son's car. Detained trucker Aydin Acar, Gümüşpala Center, was taken to the police. However, residents of the neighborhood, TEDAS teams showed great response. Agile Forces teams were sent to scene of his anger dinmeyince neighborhood.

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