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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The movie did not regret it

University students led by the Marine Özgün'ün thesis, a large role in the controversial porn movie of the Elif Safak Urucu, Tempo magazine said.

I took Dad porn today

This goes against the grain but I did my general personality. Since a child was different and this difference did not bother at all. But the mother and father for the first time in my life I did something ignorant. Although difficult to accept an academic study. Last, not t tellDid he: "Hi Dad, I'm free I took today, be aware!" Turkey can not afford this, with no family. Even mine. But specifically in saklamıyorum them ...

I would not accept anyone else Sorsa

I just feel that I belong to myself. One thing I'm doing, I gave it for myself and for personally doing to help another human being. Sorsa never accept someone else would not. But the Sea "OK" from the moment I said this to my "work" ti. This movie also did not regret it. We do not ban, though it would be too many people can feel very uncomfortable. Will. Not afraid to future reactions.

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