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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Community life, marriage is the most popular pairs Esra-Raif Dinçkök'ün walking around on the dark clouds.


Holding the boss of the sons of Ali Raif Dinçkök'ün Sennur with Akkök Dinçkök Dinçkök Division in 2003 with the legendary Esra Eser-Samra Tümen'in daughters had married with a wedding. Young couple, Ali Raif, and two children, Leo was given the name of Tracy. But unfortunately it did not take too long mutlukları. According to Ms. Esra Konuşulanlara, greater tolerance shown by çapkınlıklarına decided to divorce his wife ...

In fact, for the past year, Facebook Dinçkök'ün his wife left the house that he learned his claim çapkınlıkları spread from ear to ear, but the couple had been on holiday in Bodrum yalanlarcasına gossip. According to Ms. Esra learned that term has really left the house. But nevertheless çapkınlıklarına Raif Bey continued. In fact, lived at home with his family during his getaway, the house caught on employees. Raif Bey's children have to do is taşıran Glass dadısıyla loophole. Initially, everything you put up with Facebook attracting and maintaining their children thinking that marriage wife, decided to divorce, this situation could not withstand more ...

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