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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Talent from Germany

"Great Century" series of young players who came to Turkey from Germany to revive the role of Hurrem Uzerli Virgin Mary, filled out the performance of the first section.


Meral Okay screenplay written, directed by Taylor Rain and his Durul, subject to the period of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in the "Great Century" series, came to the screen the first part of the previous evening. Khaled Suleiman the Magnificent Ergenç assumed the role of the most noticeable is the directory name, Hürrem'i Uzerli Mary was portrayed.


Hürrem for the role of the state and the city's theaters across Turkey, acting training courses that have been researched and conservatories. Character suitable candidates, the experiment was to shoot in front of the camera. At the same time, America, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Macedonia, Croatia and Bulgaria in the muscle, the appropriate agencies, has been switched to connect to players who know Turkish.


After about eight months of research, living in Germany decided on 27-year-old Mary Uzerli'de. Uzerli'nin, and physical characteristics of the power of acting, as well as multiple languages (German, English, Turkish and Russian) to know the selection was effective in the role. Acting studied in Germany and in many series, movies, role play, the young actress, arrived in Turkey to revive the role of Hurrem.

The audience likes

Sultans destroying the tradition of concubines to do marriage, married his wife managed to become Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent "Hurrem" portrays the role of Mary Uzerli, took note of the first section, the performance of a full audience.

Drew's Turkey branch

Mary Uzerli, the world-famous Hollywood star Drew Barrymore'a the similarity is remarkable.

Great staff

U.S. $ 3.5 million budget, big-budget project in the history of the Turkish television, the "Great Century", the player team is also very remarkable. TIMS-Tamerlane Productions produced the Prosecutor has undertaken in the array as well as the party early enough, and Mary Uzerli'nin Nebahat Face, Nur Aysan, Selma Ergeç and Okan Yalabık taking the role.

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