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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eyyvah Eyvah'ta 'final Beyaz'lı

Today the vision into "Alas Eyyvah 2" movie premiere was held the previous evening. Movie audiences, has encountered a surprise in the final. Beyazit Öztürk involved in the final scenes, colorful performance the audience laugh.


ATA Demirer and he wrote the screenplay and also assumed the lead with Akbağ'la Miracles "Alas Eyyvah 2" film premiere, held the previous evening Canyon Shopping Center. The film is assumed by BKM Film, director of the film's premiere in the H Algül'ün, the art world brought together famous names. Among the participants of the film's surprise role in the final of the night, as well as the Beyazit Öztürk, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Oya Başar, Ali Sunal, Demet Sener and Ibrahim Kutluay, Elvis Presley, Gülben Ergen, and Jack had Aslantuğ.
3. movie will not be

Providing information to the press after the screening, Ata Demirer, "Alas Eyyvah 2" is the latest adventure of Badem Hussein said: "I do not think Hussein Badem story to attract more. So I'm having a little sourness. In fact, the second film, but then I looked at did not think to take that story remains a half, I decided to take. "Miracles Akbay passed the beautiful geography of the film again, transporting the audience expressed the great happiness," while film had lots of fun. I wish the movie, gives happiness and smile They'll have everyone in the new year, "he said. At the end of the night, especially Akbay and Demirer, including all the players had fun with live music to dance. Among the most ambitious productions shown in the new year "Alas Eyyvah 2", released today, is entering.

Ece Oh, here!

Gala attended by the message early in the crisis had lived and Ece Mehmet Ali Erbil. Erken'e because of the message sent to your mobile phone can open up a case of Arbil, gala that he learned of the "Oh, oh, nuts! Friend not see your face now, "he quickly entered the hall. Early questions about the Ece Erbil, "asaletimdendir silence. There is an answer to be given to each chat smb. Did he say a word in a chat smb But I look at you look at the man she "responded.

Necessarily evlendireceksiniz

Oya Basar for the night with actor boyfriend joined Ali Karagoz. Success, asking news reporters turned down the offer to marry her lover, "that is evlendireceksiniz me to them for certain! We are very happy now, you have to think very zamanınmız "he said.

The largest share me

"Alas Eyyvah 2" also has a role in Beyazit Öztürk Demirer'le posed for the cameras and Ata Akbay Miracles. Celebrity entertainer, "I did the movie finale. The largest share of me, "he said.

They came arm in arm

Rasim Öztekin "These are very fine movements," the daughter of a role in the program Öztekin Pelin, Gökay Özkul'la boyfriend left for the night.

Spanish musician

The film is a Spanish musician playing Kumbaracıbaşı Teoman, gala player boyfriend came Tandoğan'la Asli.

Doc Nurse

Ozge Borak, the film portrays the character of Doc Nurse Hussein is in love with Almonds.

Came with his wife

"These are very nice Movements" program, famous for his Mehmet Ali Birand taklitleriyle Text Star, joined the gala with his wife.

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