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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Miley lost control!

Last month, the age of 18 Miley Cyrus-earth, has become uncontrollable! Friends, family, anxious for the authority to count Cyrus

'Hannah Montana' Miley Cyrus gained fame in TV series for her role as a child, yet, truly is out of control. Cyrus recently turned 18-earth, the mother and father boşanmasından the 'courage', taking in the wild and uncontrollable than ever though! In Touch magazine, speaking of young star's friends, said: "The names of Hollywood's highest-paid 48 million dollars last year, won .... You have to be ambitious and sexy. More coverage of About, wants to become even more popular. So everything is composed of a game. However, due to irresponsibility of the family had already missed out the ropes. "


Miley Cyrus galalardaki covered in concert and those who can not believe your eyes. A few years ago, no different than their peers who dress up Cyrus, the stage is officially half-naked and very ambitious clothes!

Cyrus, do not press the age of 18 prints bought himself a house. Young stars, house parties, holding constant. The drug is also the parties were a lot of young stars, led to cutting conversation with Cyrus.

Cyrus, of different men, appeared repeatedly in the media. Last month, before the kiss with Liam Hemsworth displayed Cyrus, recently photographed at a nightclub with Avan Jogia.

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