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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Even in the smallest bra I had no chest!

"I knew my nose would be a bad aesthetic yaptırmazdım" said Hand Ataizi, commissioned by the operation is for breasts satisfied: I wanted to get a chest measurement!

CNN Türk'teki 'Saba Tümer'le The Night' is a guest of Hand Ataizi, his aesthetic operations, spoke about the interesting ...

Hıncal Uluç "Hande'yi, Honor Erol'a I took," he exaggerating a bit. No such thing. When I went to Mr. Honor "15 days later, I'm coming from America. Operation will be very nice and I'll do,''he said."''He did not touch his nose. Wait, and got another one. Unfortunately, these types of operations can be bad results. Was bad. Then I corrected him two-to three more had the operation. If I had known yaptırmazdım.
I already feel like my breasts kendiminki them for not. As a woman, though small, is very important to have a bra size. I was not even in the smallest bra size is not the chest to "get me a chest measurement''I said I wanted it a lot. Mine was the need, so ...
The most natural is the place, private life, but most of it is doubts. The player to be "I wonder is playing you?" he may not consider.
Emotional people. But the wear and kırılmamak gardımızı to take. He 'dominating everything, powerful woman' is understood as. Actually, no it is not.

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