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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fitted with a new generation of fashionable society

Younger members of high society, fashion, choosing them as a profession. Photography, cooking, or looking for a period of releasing the famous children, is now designing their future is building on

Each semester a new profession to the fore, while Short Cuts is now the trend has become fashionable to study. A few years ago, cooking, photography abroad to receive training, such as the names of the young socialite, fashion and art and design education in America is now going to see. Here's fashion designer to be going abroad on behalf of the younger members of high society ...

BUSE TERMS: Fatih Terim Buse little girl, on New York Fashion Institute of Technology studying fashion. Also started a fashion blog in his name has been reporting the activities of followers world-wide fashion.
AYAYDIN SILK: Silk Ipekyol owner Yalcin Ayaydın'ın daughter, is learning the subtleties of London, London College of Fashion'da designer.
PIA Hakko: Cem Hakko'nun marriage with Bettina Mache youngest daughter Pia, London St. Read Martin's University. Department of fashion design at ...
ELİF BOYNER: Businessman Cem Boyner daughter, Elif, New York's Parsons School of Art & Design, studying art and design. Elif Boyne, organizing exhibitions from time to time Kagithane studio.

Socialite daughter of popular personalities of the Sea Berdan'ın Begum, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design Based in London, studying design. They open with his mother on the information that DB-Junk Begum's blog'ta fashion, design, or is doing.

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