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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jewelry is a kind of meditation do

Zeynep Erol jewelry design for 21 years, influenced by Indian culture and jewelry meditation likens the relationship between

Zeynep Erol gallery opened in Nisantasi 'Beyond' the exhibition also designs, together with 18-carat gold and silver jewelry is made from 57 varieties. The designer's collection, each one is handmade, creation, movement, life, examines the concepts of death and rebirth. Erol, jewelry, and her passion for Indian culture Candlestick Plus magazine said:

Zeynep Erol designing jewelry for 21 years but the first meeting of art took place 14 years with the ballet.
Artists in the design of jewelry, Ayse Ünaydın'dan learned that lesson the United States. Then, a jewelry with his master worked for the Grand Bazaar.
Erol jewelry using an architectural point of view, geometric, amorphous and organic jewelry making. Material adhering to the traditional preferences of the bottom and silver works, he says.

Jewelry making Erol combining meditation, creates designs inspired by Indian culture. Energy is very high in India, said, saw the buildings, people, spiritual life, and her designs reflect the influence of each event.

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