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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Journalist, Author and Intellectuals for Balbay Came Together

Ergenekon detainee prison journalist Mustafa Balbay his 'Silivri Concentration Camp; Zulümhane' effectiveness in Kadikoy on the journalist's book signing was held with the support of colleagues.

Second prisoner on trial since March 6, 2009 Ergenekon case in Silivri prison written by journalist Mustafa Balbay 'Silivri Concentration Camp; Zulümhane' on his book signing was held today. Boston Cultural Center, the crowd filled the street, the letter sent to prison Balbay applauded for a long time. In the meantime, the hall was dökenler tears. Kadikoy Municipality organized the event with the Art Library and the Republic newspaper, written by Mustafa Balbay prison

Theatre Artist of the Stars Kenter read the letter. 'Applause Balbay'a to thank Mustafa says,' word starting Yıldız Kenter said: I am proud to read a letter written by Mustafa Balbay for you. I can not say I'm happy. Will I be able to read something again that I am happy days of freedom. At that time all of us a sad song, but listen to a song full of happiness. This freedom we are all homesick.


Kenter, and then read a letter of Balbay. Balbay letter was used by the following expressions:

'Dear Kadıköylü my brothers, my friends can not write this particular partition, the wing of one of the seagulls above us rare days, it uçsam Kadikoy, concentration among you, I say to all of you sarılsam. So I miss you, my social love to meet you in the squares. This love will not like this half. Tartışmıyor legal values of our country how to settle. We have in our country, just how the fulfillment of justice tartışmıyor. Patriotic intellectuals of our country to remain under arrest for several years now to discuss. Patriotic, Ataturk's brothers, one after the other intellectuals in Turkey took place in the 1990s. But I looked at Atatürk's not dying to kill the intellectuals. Taking the spirit of the assets in the community. 'Confine their bodies. Thus, we have killed their souls' they said. Try it. But succeed. I believe in your heart with us attığına. The struggle of Mustafa Kemal values 21 Century struggle for transport. The main concern is on the days of separation, a little more what üretebilirim. Discourage us in spite of the employees, the freedom of my days how quickly you koşabilirim '


Speaking at the event, respectively Yazgülü Aldoğan journalists, the European Union norms, regulations made under the law, saying the 12 people killed as a result 5 people were released pending trial judge reminded the suspects. 2 years as a prisoner of the Balbay yet not understand what the subject tried to express full Aldoğan, 'Balbay, on the phone on trial for criticizing the government. When I wanted to length of detention is extended release. The goal Balbay and keep friends for 10 years in prison 'he said. Ataol poet took the stage after Aldoğan'dan Behramoglu, read a poem dedicated to Balbay'a.


Finally, the question of the journalist - Author Bekir Coskun, a problem the mic sound problem yaşanınca 'Imam does not like the sound too' made in the form of humor. Coskun hall that promise was applauded. All the way to prison for the life of the child in prison hatırlayacağını Balbay said, 'This is something difficult. Life is not like that. Should not be. Here you have an alarm. All signals are ringing. We saw many spirits. Friendship is the case. When I look at faces in a while I thought I can write a letter 'he said. After the speeches, and Yazgülü Aldoğan Bekir Coskun, Mustafa Balbay sign latest book, readers meet. Erin is also the day of the signing Orhan, Zeynep Oral, Erdal Atabek and Anwar also attended the Aysever.

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