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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Car 'web' Site

International hotel chain, a young entrepreneur Kamil Volkan Gunduz, can be rented on a daily basis by creating an interesting website in the world, the first between 32 million to 400 thousand managed to enter the website.

'' users on the website is available at the site, renting a log in front of tens of thousands of marriage proposal, a personal apology, birthday greetings messages on topics such as personal publishing. Corporate companies by advertising, publicity and promotional purposes are not allowed to use the web site pages görüntülenebilirken of days in the future for the publication of the contents of the pages previously displayed leased. 1 year lease and the message log for a site to a corner of the publishing fee of 365 dollars in the past days.


Açılalı website is currently between 1 month and 32 million around the world who managed to enter the first to 400 thousand, as of today, 135 countries are being followed. Minimum of about 10-15 thousand times a day clicked on the site, the number of clicks to reach thousands of celebrities hired 470 days.

CEYLAN Gölcüklü, Tugba Ozay AND BARBAROS Sansal BETWEEN THE SITE lessors

Ceyla Gölcüklü'nün famous names in high society succumbing to cancer 'never been lucky enough to live a long life, and you have read this message will be dead. My wish for Humanity, beat cancer. Goodbye, 'the message announcing the name of being one recently Tugba Ozay famous model and fashion designer was hired by Barbara Şansal. Ozay, the site hired last message, 'another beautiful life with them. Çıkarsız friendship. A protective companion. Sometimes I play ball with you guys in the water, such as sometimes is gay. Regrets feels, speaks what language though. One request, compassion ... Love ... Friendly with them rather than the evolution of human beings better understand madığını not complete. It should be noted that the only living man who slaughtered his own kind. Now I ask you more pet bunny? " When writing, if Şansal Barbara, 'I wish that pets, stray animals eliminated the concept, Homosapien (human) understands that the so-called mammal. Happy New Year 'phrase.


Kamil, founder and owner of the site Volkan Gunduz, dailyrentalwebsite's web site opened nearly a month ago and 1 percent of all websites around the world entered the popular language into said, 'Tens of thousands of people in front of the posts I noticed that the sound of a vehicle which can announce a way. Think about friendship sites, how many people you can reach that message? As a result of an ongoing effort for many years before you added the maximum number of people up to the friend. If you're not naked, or if you are not funny jokes, no chance at video-sharing sites. This site, without having to log in or become a member of any ad that I made to go live without being exposed to people's personal messages. Your site for 24 hours. Tens of thousands of posts by the person in front of the site to anyone who wants to share the rent, "he said.

Stressing on the next day who was found rent for what purpose, 'the work of this mysterious side. Visitors can view only the current day and past days, in the coming days, can see only kiralanıp kiralanmadığını. The next day, who, hired to see what purpose, at 23:59 u need to wait 'he said. a loaded images and blog posts for 365 days at $ 1 'Last Days' hiding in the corner and is running on selected days throughout the 24-hour free aıklayan Kamil Volker Day,' the pictures and messages rented days after the 'Last Days' corner store During those 365 days to go back to this post and share their bakabilmelerine allows. Site so far, the marriage proposal, birthday greetings, declaration of love, and even suicide, even rented for the announcement. Ceyla Gölcüklü, the last hope of overcoming the desire to promote human cancer and rented to say goodbye. Tugba Ozay and Barbara Şansal love the animal-themed messages to convey 'he said.

An international hotel chain is working as chief expresses Day banquet, said the future plan is about:

'You know the word on Andy Warhol's,' One day everyone will be famous for 15 minutes'. No one will not have to wait for it. "

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