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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Even if the radioactive Even İçirmişler

Giant cigarette smokers according to the companies by the look of radioactive material içirmiş

Russian government is known for opposing opinions and the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in 2000 and took refuge in England in 2006, a rare radioactive isotope called polonium 210 poisoning and died.


Litvinenkoyu the poison that killed all over the world attract smokers lungs with every breath. Cigarette manufacturer in the 1990s as a result of lawsuits filed to companies in USA, Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds appeared to secret documents, such as the giant corporations. Accordingly, these companies may occur and the leaves of tobacco cigarettes for nearly 50 years passed 210un knew polonium. This item is pulled lungs smoke mingling with the formation of many of the tumor is causing.
NEW issue of Scientific American magazine that included this issue in a research 1964teki cigarette smoke polonium 210 was revealed. According to the article, scientists conducted their own research findings in non-manufacturer companies companies forwards. However, when the order to ban this substance did not want to take the necessary steps. Marlboronun maker Philip Morris for polonium 210, do not need to wake the sleeping giant, he posted the results. R.J. No commercial advantage, saying the removal of these substances Reynoldsda 210un polonium in cigarettes was allowed to stay.

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