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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mary Love Survivor Surprise!

Finalist for Survivor Turkey-Greece Selim In the morning, meet and married his wife, Nadya'dan boşanıyor competition. Sabah latest Survivor winner Mary Oflaz steal your heart away is good new.

Four years ago, the screen is a big competition and competition from the Survivor Turkey-Greece as well as a great love scene olmuştu.Hürriyet of reports that the Turkish competitor Selim In the morning, and this closer relationship with Greek rival, Nadya Zagli noktalanmıştı marriage. But the happiness was short-lived duo, recently started divorce proceedings.

'in love, I'm so happy'

In the meantime, the court in a divorce with his wife Selina morning, making the transition to a new Bachelor sailed into love. New love in the morning, the last survivor of the first contest, showing Mary Oflaz a great fight. Oflaz magnificent century, taking a step into acting, I love their relatives, said a very happy and had looked forward to the news of the divorce.

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