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Monday, January 10, 2011

Iranian passenger plane crashes: 32 people survived

Iranian passenger plane carrying 94 passengers of about 102 people crashed while landing to downgrade.

Urumiye near the border with Turkey near the city yesterday evening hours in 70 people killed and 32 passengers injured in the accident survived. Iran's official news agency IRNA, reported to have fallen due to adverse weather conditions IranAir'e Boeing 727 type aircraft, the passengers who survived were taken under treatment in hospitals Urumiye'deki announced. Separated into several parts due to the impact of the aircraft during the accident patlamamasının, provided to get rid of the passengers said.

Iran's Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Musayibi Abbas, immediately after the accident the passengers to reach the wreckage and started working on search and rescue, explaining the accident over the snow reached 70 centimeters in thickness, and said the adverse weather conditions making it harder to work. Tehran-Urumiye expedition falling when his contradictory statements regarding the number of passengers and crew on board the heads stirred. State television announced that 156 people on board IRNA, reported that 94 passengers 102 people. Fars News Agency reported that the aircraft is 95 passengers and 11 crew. Plane crash occurred in the last decade, 14 countries, 15 July 2009, Tehran-Yerevan Caspian Airlines plane makes maiden voyage as a result of 168 people were killed in Qazvin.

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