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Monday, January 10, 2011

[News Analysis] Gasoline prices gained everyone was released, the consumer has lost

6 fuel oil free-market era filled year. Turkey, since January 1, 2005 to be provided competitive environment of the world's most expensive gasoline price per liter using the country finds four TL, winning the title. The Parties shall be responsible for the resulting table is taking the ball to each other. Tupras, distribution companies and retailers, high taxes, exorbitant price as a reason to show, Finance, argues that corporate profit share increases. Official data of the Finance, refining and distribution companies reveals that the considerable increase revenue.

Filled up to cage the Finance sector. Product price about 1.5 times the area of Finance, tax, fuel oil companies, unlike the flat tax takes in no way affected by fluctuations in crude oil prices. 1 liter of gasoline in five years, Finance Ministry's tax 1.71 2.49 liras a climbed.

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), an abnormal increase in fuel prices over the previous year, petrol and diesel oil prices brought the ceiling price limit. Distribution companies and dealers are included in the application Tupras refinery company excluded. EMRA, the application of the ceiling price of gasoline and diesel fuel prices, a discount of 20 cents provided. But the Finance Ministry, after the end of the ceiling price of fuel oil to go to an increase in taxes, left the kursağında citizen discount. Crude oil prices exceeding 90 dollars in the international markets last month, and the appreciation of the dollar against TRY, as reflected in the pump hike. FUEL in the oil and re-raise on the agenda will continue to increase, at $. Refining, distribution companies, Finance, EMRA and the Ministry of Energy to discount "give and take" cheap petrol and diesel currently kavuşamadı consumers are requesting. The reason, the actors operating in the sector yet yanaşmamaları kârlılıklarından sacrifice. General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs (PIGM), the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and Tupras (Turkey Petroleum Refineries Inc.) According to the data of the last five-year period showed a rapid increase in fuel prices. While wondering how much of this increase in the share of the public who reached Zaman official data, between 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2010 when placed aside the free market during the refining of crude oil increases, the distribution company, a rapid increase in taxes from dealers kârlarıyla Finance Ministry there were revealed. 0.38 liters of oil to international markets, the price of the said period, from 1.01 to 0.02 share of the refinery increased from 0.04 to the distribution share of 0.08 from the 0.19 's, dealers and the share of 0, 11 0.19 'rose. If gasoline taxes was 1.71 pounds 2.49 pounds. Finance, fixed (fixed) income tax takes most of the institutions and guarantees. PİGM'nin prices set by the last time since 31 December 2004, nearly 10 points as the proportional decrease in taxes on fuel oil despite the Finance Ministry has increased the amount of tax.


Liter of fuel consisting of 4 pounds of public responses to approaches, mobilizing public and private sector officials. On top of the official and private meetings, "how gas prices dropped?" answer to the question is being searched. In all these discussions is the very criticism of the party Tupras. Refining giant, "so winning and discount yanaşmıyor" he criticized. EMRA last year to keep fuel out of scope of this review has strengthened the company. Tupras answered our questions in the opinion of unfair criticism. According to the information the company selling prices of petrol and diesel oil refinery (RSF), expressed in the Petroleum Market Law "to the nearest accessible to the formation of an international free market" taking into account sets. The closest accessible market in the Mediterranean as the market prices of gasoline and diesel fuel per day with daily exchange rate set by the Central Bank are considered. Tupras, which identifies the example price brings clarity: "4 January 2005 to 4 January 2011 on the free product in international market, the price of unleaded petrol (based on TL) percent of the 167, the price of diesel fuel has increased 135 percent. The same period, prices of unleaded gasoline refinery sales 160 percent, diesel fuel per cent was 123 percent. In other words, the lower rate reflected in prices in international markets increased by Tupras. "

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