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Monday, January 10, 2011

Aggressive children how to behave?

Continuing around the bad acts, hitting, breaking against children should be done? Aggression is met, love, trust, affection caused by such needs. In addition, unrest at home, the parents continued to fight, comparison of the child, deprived of favorite things left to be criminal, can lead to aggressive behavior.

Domestic violence, restless, constantly fighting with a family structure, family, children do not show enough interest, excessive attention to a sibling, a child leaving the child permanently deprived of favorite things leads to aggressive behavior. In this case the child's friends, siblings and parents for the hitting, biting, throwing objects, spitting, and verbal attacks, is located.

Aggression is not met the child of love, trust, sharing, compassion should be as different as the outward reflection of the needs. Aggressive children are usually cranky, stubborn, non sharing, do not obey the rules, who want to solve problems by using physical violence, has a structure. More aggressive behaviors observed in boys than in girls. This type of aggression children to see if the aggressive behavior as a result of a problem-solving method solved the problems they see as their own aggressive behavior, and the solution even more difficult to settle. Looking at the causes of aggression is an important part of behavior is seen due to attitudes of parents. In addition, the child's continuous monitoring of violent movies, play games on the Internet, this kind of factors that trigger the child's aggression. Aggressive behavior in children with hyperactivity and impulse control disorder observed.

What kind of precautions?

Parents should not fight in front of the child.

Enough to meet the need of the child's care and love.

Ettirmesine accept requests for the child should not be allowed to aggression.

Children's energy, would take the stress of physical activity should be encouraged.

This type of positive behavior of children rather than expose and reward the positive behaviors will be useful.

These guys definitely beaten cezalandırılmamalıdır type.

Aggressive attitudes exhibits the confidence of his friends, tell your people to lose the respect of his love.

Children, siblings, or a comparison with other children.

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