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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here's Valley of Palestine posters

Large exciting, even millions of fragments of the film's posters were published once watched the event. Here Ozen Film distribution of the film's posters ... the event will be released on 28 January 2011

Pana Film drama and the drama of humanity in Palestine issue in the "Valley of Palestine" posters of the film was released spectacular.


Yazete According to the news website, "Valley of Palestine" in a giant cast Necati Invariably, Gurkan appropriate, Kenan Coban, Erdal besikcioglu, Nur Aysan Mustafa Yasar, Erkan Shepherd, Victory and Hope Diper Montenegro is located. 28 January 2011, Turkey and the world will be released at the same time, "Valley of Palestine" takes on the film producer Pana Film, screenplay Raci Invariably, Bahadir Ozdener and was written by Cüneyt Aysan. Zubair Invariably the film's director.


Gaza humanitarian aid materials to ships trying to take over the bloody raid Polat Alemdar and his colleagues went to Palestine. To-evident: the oppression of the Israeli commander of the military planner and the player should be addressed.

Established the first contacts with the Palestinians trying to approach the goal step by step, Polat Alemdar expect some surprises. Moshe I recognize the cruelty of other targets, and technological opportunities Eliezer'in rule makes it difficult to work. Parker, trying to reach Moşe'ye, Palestine, killed innocent people will see how. Moshe, villages, demolish, kill their children and help to Polat throw everyone in jail.

However, the technological possibilities and rule tanımazlık, Moşe'yi not be sufficient to save.

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