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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Earthquake is not

The most severe rains hit Australia in 50 years. Floods killed 10 people, divided into two paths after the earthquake scene reminded


Australia struggles with the great floods of last 50 years have experienced a violent earthquake, such as ... Queensland floods plagued the state for weeks Tovumba seized the city of water, killed one person killed 10 people across the country. Selle returned to the river with the city's streets. Some roads were divided into two. People felt waters, dozens of trees toppled and driven into the car.

200 THOUSAND PEOPLE impressed

The people of the city streets, trees, and roofs of vehicles waited for help out of. Floods that inundated thousands of houses, billions of dollars of property damage has occurred. More than 200 people reported affected by floods so far. Military troops to deliver aid to save victims and continues to work uninterrupted.


In Germany over recent years are experiencing the coldest winter in many regions due to rains and melting snow flooded waters. In Germany, the Rhine and Mosel rivers nearby overflow remained under water in many regions, many streets were closed to traffic, ferry and boat services also stopped.

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