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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turks spoke about the ambitious

Up to 8 months living in a small house in Cologne, so that a tolerable time 'player of the series Caroline in the role Wilma Elles, in an interview with German newspaper "have any choice. Full everywhere I've been right at the right time, " he said

Published in Turkey, "so that a tolerable time" by the German player of the series Wilma Elles, the German "Kölner Express"newspaper has an interesting description. 'Caroline' role in Turkey beğenildiğini Elles he wanted to be like himself, saying that young girls in Turkey claimed.

Gazette, Elles'in, Despite playing in the background, the array has a large fan base, indicating when the street by a lot of fans angry at the role of gifts in the array drowned even some conservative older viewers, even met with him after talking to his beloved Elles'i said.

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