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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Young people watching the television

Synovate carried out in collaboration with the Youth Market Survey 2010 Turkey, Turkey's population by 20 percent of the viewing habits of young people's media revealed.

The audience also not satisfied just watching television. Students put into their homes during the study were the same pürdikkat television cameras follow a young, on the one hand, such as mobile phone, computer or other things uğraştıklarını magazine revealed.

The world's leading market research company Synovate Survey of Youth in cooperation with Turkey in 2010, Turkey's population by 20 percent of the viewing habits of young people's media revealed.

According to research young people from 2-4 hours a week watching television and spend hours at the weekend increase is observed at the beginning of television. More than half of young people watching the series on a regular basis. 5 per cent of young people from the Internet while working in the following series, high school students, 13 percent of this number, 27 percent of college students Among young people to the cinema and the most number of foreign university students in the group following the formation of young people is remarkable. Of students placed in their homes for 3 days of the survey, as well as research done through the television is on young people's mobile phone cameras, computers, magazines or other things uğraştıklarını chat among themselves, and they revealed that they are constantly on the move throughout the house. Young people at the beginning of their favorite series is coming Ezell and Valley of the Wolves. Sex and number of working young people with their families generally prefer to watch with friends while watching the young university.

As a result of young people not only about media viewing habits, postures toward life, their daily lives, income and allowances, expenditure dynamics, habits to save money, expenditure logs, credit card usage habits, shopping habits, Internet and mobile phone usage habits, listening habits, views on the opinions of celebrities in the fields of youth and families in the data was obtained.

The new generation of research methods used in the study of 3 thousand 119 thousand 533 university and high school students, and not reading / working young families and young people interviewed.

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