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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Five Minaret"Where are you?

This is in the middle of the dust of smoke, "New York Five Minaret" was necessary for us to write good. Due to the season's first major box-office bomb, in a location durumundayım write, but in the middle of such a superficial assessment of human startled us as they inevitably Madara. Well fear no death benefit. Let's see what I write ...

First, let's start by checking out the film's bare box-office figures. 700 383 copies in the hall suddenly released in a full movie, the first 3 days of the top rung of the podium and made a full sit almost 703,330 tickets were piled. So much so that 3 weeks ago kaldırabilene love him to get over.

In the meantime, the film's weekly performance has also been announced. Monday to Thursday to the audience of approximately 400 thousand tickets than the yield in the first week of the film was 1,096,007. These figures are for a long time Mad Max 3 (Beyond Thunderdome), like children waiting for a savior cinema enterprises, such as Mel Gibson has come true. Rocky'si, hopefully not missing Rambo'su also ...

For months the major record broken insistently pronounced perhaps, but 703 thousand tickets, 8-time best kept statistics Let us also mention that performance. On the other hand, the "Five Minaret with" Kırmızıgül, was developed by the degree of the first 3 days. Popular types of cinema for a director who, it goes without saying that I think is an invaluable source of motivation. Whatever the ultimate fate of the film, another ambitious project in the Mahsun people will come up for 1-2 years. Was the man's blood into making this movie Meret, a little difficult to get rid of yiğenim ...

"New York Five Minaret" 2008 "AROG" screen shown above to enter la furyasının the last representative of the starting 600. The goal here span span parselleyerek hometown, which is the biggest box-office revenue as soon as possible to the body indirmik. Because the average ticket price of films in the weeks passed tenzilata suffers. However, a small number of copies of all Anatolia dolaştıracağınıza 20 weeks, repeated usage köpürtüp very copy, can combine box-office% 80-90 in 3 weeks. The average ticket price in the surplus value, the cost of extra copies gani gani meets the press.

For older movies in this genre I do not the other way already. 2010 calendar sold out in Turkey, not 20, not even possible to find a space of 4 weeks. Mecali overall strength of the one, that is, to use his money was necessary. But this strategy misses point of watching the weigh business case is wow. Like I said the main purpose is to collect as quickly as possible box-office revenue, advertising and marketing is of great importance here than in almost any variable.

"New York Five Minaret" advertising and marketing operation, Turkish cinema has so far staged one of the most successful performances. Tokat Murat Kırmızıgül sad and producer, the importance of cinema advertising, in this business for 30 years before they entered a lot of "veteran" They know much better. Months before the start news / image bombardment, the press service of the film fragment Upon reaching the peak point and the open-air / television / print media ads, just as the vision continued. In fact, the film will be born lucky than was clear from the beginning. Vision on the same day as the date of them chose "Valley of the Wolves Palestine," in the post-stage changed the history of representation for a aksilikten. Obviously I "Valley of the Wolves' back voluntarily withdrew his team believe that by listening to the sound of sağduyularının. Already cinema operators and distributors in this "al yaman, yaman bey?"-Style challenges dertlilerdi very long time. After all the film's two big perdelemesinin prevented each other I think. Otherwise, the under-mentioned setback must necessarily saying this issue is a bit close-eaten look.

On the other hand, even opponents Mahzun'a support while she did something like that that, "That risk is the" dedirtti. Cinema needs to be done to press the authors of the representation, omitting all the conventions have been canceled. Positive criticism of the earlier films so sad all the films other than the critic brings 5 favorite authors vetoed, was prevented from seeing the movie before vision. Kind of Hollywood-style cinema is a director whose authors commit to its performance is of vital importance for the first week. According to this account: "I already have made good advertising, films or eliminated if the authors of this work is okay," a form of logic is understood güdüldüğü. By the authors of the movie theater beğenilmeyeceğini sad, people knew from the beginning. So this choice is not the result of a decision taken on that day an instant rage. The result of a planned operation on the thought.

First of all saying there is a great benefit. Turkey Establishment irresponsible journalism films, such as the shattering blows on the head shed, a thousand films a barely taken a number of offensive personalities awards for useless because they themselves know very well, now largely lost credibility. Very good films in Turkey, writers say whether oral union provides for a movie who knows who have come since. Especially this kind of box-office bomb, as I said the key word ad, marketing. Anyone other than an intellectual with a very narrow cut or something does not go to cinema reading cinema critics. On the other hand, does not benefit anyone in the fight. Rights by working with the authors of films won their hostility, their friends around them also affect journalists for their evil propaganda, what you gonna do now? Look, this risk can not enter here.

Brave man, I love you. $ 12 million a movie did, the movie poster koymuşsun mail, Hayda bre! The first weekend is very important for you, negative reviews by eliminating many tickets as he could want to do, we knew him. Then the momentum provided by this yekunun tarumar festival going fast into a mess, that's not the plan? Shut your mind to enter the cinema hall, the authors also put in a good risk, vision, as the date of the holiday week of the year's most high-flow period did not need to factor in choice? See the movie in a single sanacak not left open. Look at negative comments and articles have already started to spread negative energy, even wrapping around. At the end of the first week, not 700 thousand, 1 million 300 thousand making Kirsan record was not better? Mahsun'un Come to think of this period, let's say there are a thousand job, where the producer's mind, I do not understand it.

If you prefer film writers edilseydi kızdırılmayıp soft diplomacy, would not speak a word for the history of vision. The result will be much weaker than the effect of the negative criticism, edilirdi holiday break easily disposed of. On the other hand, this aggressive strategy chosen on the film's vision of "November 12" should be. Will be released on December 1, the "Hunting Season" is a world in fright from the no. Because, as I have stated above, "New York Five Minaret" like 700 movies released in the living room, 3 weeks, almost 90% of revenue to collect. A great film to be released after 3 weeks, the circulation of the audience in theaters attıracağından damage aside, is not even useful.

So now what? "New York Five Minaret" How many tickets does it do? Turkey is a new record? Or take off the cost of his own movie? "Five Minaret" equivalent of the films that came into wide distribution and great vision of the past productions we look at advertising campaigns, reached the total number of spectators, the first 3 of the day seems to be between 3 to 5 times. That account is clear. 703 thousand in the first three days of the film, according to the science of statistics have to sit somewhere between roughly 2 to 3.5 million. Obviously, these regular visits to me, so I think a new record for Turkey is not possible any condition!

On the other hand is a big mystery for me holidays. In recent years, new highways, railways and airports effect, relieved a great deal of travel throughout the country. Our people have such long holidays, especially until the end of the advantages of using it. Normally need to watch, especially if a cold November, when the sunny weather, people find it hard to kestirmekte cinema how they would prefer. This film within a week of intense criticism of the bombing or if we add, in my opinion in the direction of the film will exceed 3 million barrier. However, even a softer strategy aşılabilirdi 3.5 million.

Our guess would be wasting my newspaper take off where the only variable whisper. "New York Five Minaret" to the forces leading to the first week, behind the lines on the film sıkletinin yapabilirlerse propaganda, then maybe the situation may change, but I do not see an energy around it. People, unfortunately, instead of positive reviews, movie / columnists torpillerini people talk too much. This mail is placed in the reciprocal commitment (word game) must have been.

"Ha, made 3 million, 3.5 million ha, what the world record kırılamadıktan have to write this up" for the people also do a little explanation. He ignored the difference 500 thousand persons, the husband of the film sticks out the difference between the means. As far as the press followed, "Five Minaret" I know the approximate cost of $ 12 million. Until now, record labels Mahsun'dan or otherwise does not come from an explanation, we have to accept that the correct data. The average ticket price of £ 09.02 now to the vicinity of the film. A Turkish film is an optimistic estimate, the average 9 to be fixed in TL even think of (I saw the sun had finished the race with £ 7.6), the film seems to be necessary to reach at least 3.5 million viewers. TV / DVD sales and foreign revenues amounts do not you come do not think I forgot. These resources are drawn to $ 9 million, even without the movie batardı.

Mahsun Kırmızıgül and his team see this as a valuable opportunity for the Turkish popular cinema. They believe what they do and azimliler. Turkish cinema into an industry already gelmesiyse purpose, a popular annual capacitance of the films arttırmalıyız necessarily. This can only be "New York Five Minaret" may be possible proliferation of such productions.

Memleketteki for the operation of many films these films are defined as the difference between death, survival. Mahsun Kırmızıgül if the "New York Five Minaret" sokmamış released this year were good, we'll make sure that 2011, 2010, a smaller number of halls. In short, what only producer of this film, neither the director nor the property of the authors of films. These films on the box office makinistine officer, the director of photography everyone has the right to makyözüne. What does it do do do do not have room to display the movie? Eleştireceksin watch the movie or what? "They sprayed my life before, get out!" "Ha, Get it, then you statement, then you get negative post" kind of stuff they will do serious things, not professionals. Is imperative that we all join forces for the growth of the sector in good faith.

Let's kiss of peace bakıyim brothers! Well done to you ...

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