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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Necati Cumalı'nın unknown poem

Coincidentally in the poem, the work is believed to be the first published Cumalı'nın

Published in a local newspaper writer Namik Kemal Nomak in Urla Urla Public Library, doing research, published in 1939 by Urla Community Center and its life is limited to two points in January of the first number of the Journal of the contribution that Cumalı'nın realized.

Magazine, with the exchange in 1923 settled in Urla, Izmir, at the time of Ataturk and Ankara High School, graduated from law school to go to a new young Cumalı'nın prepared a paper and a lover of literature is poetry. Nomak, and writing poetry written by a very young age Cumalı'nın very excited to reach him, stating his research, Cumalı'nın poetry and literary circles of the letter reveal previously unknown, he said.

The first issue of the Journal, dated February 19, 1939 January 8 and 9 Cumalı'nın pages 'like' on the makalesiyle 'hopes Ship' in his poem expresses that Nomak,''in January Magazine's first and second counts, Urla Halkevi 1930s productive culture, art, literature, work out the future generations to be read carefully,''he said. Who lived in the town of Urla and the county each year on behalf of one of the large number edebiyatçıdan 'Literature Days' held Cumalı'nın, believed to be the first published work of poetry as follows:

SHIP hopes

Long poles, tip
Remote climates draws smoke.
White foamy water behind,
Hatıralarıyle harbor buried.

My ship is going, going
Light smoke
My ship is going, going
Crew on her lips

Standing on the deck of white,
Blue dress mariners
Peace, love, longing is
Struck the white sails
Rüzgarıyle of my dreams
My ship is approaching, approaching
Ah! poles, such as arms, rising to God
Cruise, Goynuk, such as the green floating in water
My ship ..

Ah! leading to hopes valentine
Go quick, quick, my ships
I, delicate hands, hearts, such as wipes trembling,
Blue eyes, old people, young girls are waiting.
You, womanizer sailors who ate his money,
Painted lips waiting for the women?

I, all longing functioning shell of a pine,
The old son of the captain's blue dress;
I, inside the remote lands full of longing,
Burn-skinned, barefoot children waiting for

Ships Go, Go?
I, all lovers of the sea and ships
I, who see the white sails dream
Jump to ships, quick-Go
Greetings from me, take me to love,
My love, take me to giving up
Waiting for
Ships Go, go! ..
Ah! What happened so suddenly?
Thousands of ships yüzdürdüğüm fantasy?
Broke slowly from the middle
I wrote half of my letter ..
Ships lies in getting the paper side.

Beloved little hands outstretched,
Our ship, such as poles, water
Bahriyelilerim poor throws,
longing committed the blue dress,

Poles inside
As such, the water
Water, it, like the years covered by our love, but wrapping forgets.
My ship ümitleriyle, hatıralarıyle, bahriyelileriyle sinking ..

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