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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6. Counting No SenseFollowed by drawing lessons

'Twilight third,' "Shrek the fourth, 'Cats and Köpekler'in unveiled in the second film in 2010. However, all of them into the shelves of DVDs at the same time an issue brought to mind again: "Followed by how drawn '. In fact, all of whom offered their own examples of ways the foundation to this issue. In particular, "Twilight: Eclipse of" myth of the series improves as it has a key position. "Shrek Happy Forever", the third film to bring back the spirit of frustration under the first two films, was able to walk away, "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" in the last 10 years of teaching the techniques of animation and sound to take the animal in front of us to appreciate what should be released.

When we look at the issue of sequels in the light of fact, these three works can speak to a sharp distinction. Because only one of them, already the third leg of the series adaptation of the novel becomes, and the others did a good job for the first film produced studio projects.

For this reason, the 'Twilight' ('Twilight'), the last link in the series "Eclipse" ("Eclipse", 2010) with the fourth 'Shrek' ('Shrek') film "Shrek Happy Forever" ("Shrek," Forever After, 2010) and the second 'Cats and Dogs' ('Cats & Dogs') film "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" s ("Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore", 2010) is not true in many states together to discuss .

Third 'Twilight' movie in the series have a key role in

Because the 'Twilight', because it has already been the integrity of an ongoing story continues with this book they bring their own myth. "Eclipse" of the, 'Newborn'lar (new born), a new breed of vampire, wolf men, drawn as an atheist state, where the skeleton of the first movie westerns meyletmesi youth film with vampires and wolves for the first time during the dates of the men against an enemy such as the merger' more myth 'can be said for the secretion of very significant things.

This is the second film in the series 'Chris Weitz' after selecting a color change from the comic book field, complete with judge, David Slade, actually. So much so that the second movie, "The New Moon" ("New Moon", 2009), a real sense, 'Jacob's topless show,' the unit. Scenario films also halliceydi Yeşilçam. Here, Slade, the series saw the first film is dominated by the magnificent texture of the closing sequence, and comic book managed to revive again.

References to the contribution of the series revives the spirit of a 'four'

In fact, the fourth 'Shrek' The same goes for the movie. Chris Miller, director's chair so that the third film of the series pass çizimcilerinden essence of myth 'childish' as well mobilized and pushed to the background fairy tale touches. Mike Mitchell, the fourth film Fiction familiar with the Disney projects the level of the first two have done everything to move.

For this, the quest for excitement and adventure of "Shrek married first job was to assemble a task. The character in the world of fantastic flowing 'Last Whatever is on' a journey to follow gibisinden also references the fact mature animations are accustomed fortunately led to the decoration of the project at hand. So here, on a scale ranging from Oz Büyücüsü'nden Robin Hood created a world of copy-paste. This is also the first two films 'başyapıtsal' to approach the level achieved.

10 senedeki to follow developments in favor of the reflected

In fact, the second 'Cats and Dogs' film in a similar framework for the mass of the sub-texts genişleşttiğini not adopted, we can say it reflects the positive spirit. So much so that this tripartite project between the most disadvantaged. After producing the first one in 2001 did not see anything because once in a while. That process, in the 'live-action (fiction) talking animals movie' concept is very developed.

However, avoid anything memorable about it, here it is' World's animation of animals treated with care and submit to the universe thanks to the advantage of making the converted. Already "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" and "Shrek" ("Shrek", 2001) is sitting somewhere, fortunately, the influence of the consistency of walking animations. That was 10 years old can say in favor of the trends to follow.

The essence of the film story still managed to kaybettirmiyorsanız spirit essence means that when you add something new myth. However, the director changes are meaningless at worst disasters that can happen to the series gişesel slider in one direction. Second 'Alacarakanlık' and third 'Shrek' movie has already seen this situation. For this reason, these three examples, such as movies continue to be essential. About this last period, "paranormal activity 2" (2010), "REC 2" (2009) and "Blade 2" (2002), such as the örneklendirebilir works.

Maples Carter suggested 15 DVD:

Collection of 1-Michelangelo Antonioni
2-Start (Inception)
Vittorio De Sica Collection 3-
4-Mary & Max
5-Mr Nobody (Mr. Nobody)
6-squire (The Extra Man)
7-The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (The Twilight Saga: The Eclipse)
8-Luchino Visconti Collection
Forever After 9-Shrek (Shrek Forever After)
10-Death Machine (Resurrection Man)
12-Day & Night (Knight and Day)
13-Separation (Die Fremde)
14-Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore)
15-A-Team (A Team)

Note: The list of the DVDs created in the last 2 months. Will be updated every week.

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