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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6. Counting No Sense

Bedia Ceylan wrote beautifully ...

"Any way to tell a lie tiksindiriyor me today, but honestly, it dolaştırmadan 'No' may be useful to say. Can I show this yürekliliği in Vienna? If you believe in something terrible done to avoid participating in war, useless, cowardly and despicable thing. Nothing, would not only protects the person. I think, but a duty to take the armed forced, clearly against the will go to join the battle. Write a note about it here, leave Rolland'a, explain if any problems. Now you should not be sacrificed in vain. "

November 26, 1917.

Stefan Zweig, the war that's before calling in the complex feelings, continued to keep a log of this time in Switzerland. And it happened as they wish, as I indicated in a previous article, took part in the archive section. Haziranı'nı 1940 in order to escape from France, had come to travel back and forth between offices and consulates. Is supposed to be a transit passenger to pass through the United States have shown, for which ticket. However, to obtain the visa requirement koşulmuştu ticket. American Consulate on June 15 her "negative" response, while Zweig, a last resort, went on the morning of June 18 Palestinian travel office, albeit a third-class ticket bulabilmişti Brazil. Tickets, raised the American consulate, and a week later moved to France with his family.

In contrast to the state of France was upset sevinmemiş run away from the Nazis, women working as servants in their home once he is no longer the "Jewish enemy" as içerlemişti see. These days, would go after him until his death in Crisis nightmares and despair. I think here we meet with him. About 70 years ago, there was a complaint that Zweig'ın. Yesterday at work together, his arm into the snow kayınca foot, vice Frau Kahn opened his house in one day by the "enemy" to be announced. Moreover, this announcement is a neighborhood within the boundaries of the household or not, really deeply impressed by the universal dimension Zweig'ı transportation. How easy was friendly, nor easy outsider. And sometimes that does not affect the one time the "enemy" to be declared?

Çeşitlendiği has never been more than a century of concepts in history today, I think. Both the political, cultural, social, and artistic aspects subheading opening dozens of concepts and replicated, moved away from the true meaning of the case. Whether "thinned" i Whether the "kıvamlısı" Whether the concepts of water and beverage concentrate through the eyes of a ministerial seyreltilebilen participate as long as neither the goodness nor the blind Ignorance değerlendirilemeyecek right platform. Waving his arms around the ruins of a city that shook the wall can not ignore him. How to escape from France to help the Palestinian Zweig'a office box-office official, nor in accordance with her declaration of a crazy German's "enemies" will not be a meaning-proclaimed blind ignorant Frau Kahn. Does not already. Five-sense perception of man a thing can not be easily ignored, even if it is not so Zweig'ın Kahn thinks that even the enemy, or around the city today along a 10-meter wall surrounding the decline, I think requires a sixth senses. "No Count" sense. Moreover, this ten years ago, the story, not very far from us. In Turkey, September 6-7, 27 May, 12 in September and earlier, for example, in one night, August 27, 1917 after the investigations and for the life of the fallen state of the enemy captured the pain of thinking people lived lives.

Loyalty, friendship, enmity, love, patriotism, treachery, youth, evil, etc ... Their presence and their absence at the time was the starting point for major turning points. Tragedies, without the opening of an era is unfortunately not possible to start another one, because human nature does not allow it. Today at once or in the tragedies in the future who knows not turn converted to a raw material? What emerged at the end of this raw material is processed and removed to see how much it does not have to go back, 70 years is enough. I think the pain of decades of a raw material for use in converting the right belongs only to artists, masterpieces üretebilsinler, anlatabilsinler us what he really. That kind of artists, such as Nazim Hikmet, ... Peace be upon you!

Ramallah, surrounding the "FENCE"

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