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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Topkapi Palace, 'authority' war

Ilber Ortayli: "I am President, that the director"

Yusuf Benli was appointed as director of the Topkapi Palace museum, the historian, Prof. initial interview. Dr. Ilber Ortayli mission "to entertain guests," he said. Frech, collected all the powers in itself is no longer expressed. These words led to comments from the Topkapi Palace, the authority confusion experienced.

Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli, NTV and answered questions on the subject. Ortayli, Topkapi Palace, defended the authority confusion happened.

Ortayli, "Here we have a president, there is also a director. I am President, Yusuf Benli the manager. Tell us if you have the problem, try to solve. Haberleşmeyelim on Zaman newspaper, Zaman did these things," he said.

Topkapi Palace, a principal stating that people should come Ilber Ortayli, "According to the regulation have two directors. A director should be more," he said.

He expresses very tired Ortayli, said: "I can not stay very, old, and progress. To get back to the university."

Istanbul Culture and Tourism Director Prof. Dr. Ahmet Emre Bilgili, the Head of the Topkapi Palace Museum. Dr. Ilber Ortayli and the media reports about the Museum Director Joseph Frech,''There is no discussion in the middle of authority. Museum chief curator at the legal ground,''he said will make the specified tasks.

Knowles said in a statement, in this discussion, debate who's more than what will be the duty of the principal museums, such as Ilber teacher is very important to express the opinion of the value of the style is a disturbing, debate, said that in terms of style chic.

Ilber Ortayli and met with Joseph Frech, director of the museum belongs to the authority of the museum management and administration, the head of the museum within the framework of the integrity of the important tasks of the museum stating that Knowles, said:

There is no discussion of authority''in the middle. Museum chief curator at the legal background will make the specified tasks. Hodja Ilber new extended duration. He does not want to leave as long as the head of the task. Discussion konusundadır more style. Entertain important guests from work is one of the Topkapi Palace. We solved the problem, of course. Everyone will be more sensitive.''

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