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Friday, January 7, 2011


American, "the Daily Beast," the most popular diets of 2011 announced the news site. Celebrity conducted by dieticians and doctors in clinical trials resulting from the diets of this list, in the new year is of the nature of a good guide for people who are not satisfied kilosundan. Here's the new year will see the most popular diets:

Volumetric diet: Nutrition expert Dr Barbara J. Everything eaten in the diet recommended by the Rolls that contain large amounts of liquid to be shown care. Rolls, does not recommend the consumption of large amounts of vegetables, soups and starch.
Low-fat diet: This diet will be offered by the American Heart Association only recommends the consumption of fat-free or very low-fat foods.
Mediterranean diet: nutrition expert Walter Willett of Harvard University, vegetables, fruit, olive oil and a small amount of red meat consumption, this diet is recommended.
Atkins diet: Celebrity nutritionist doctor Robert Atkins suggested that the carbohydrate content of diet foods are consumed as little as possible. Maximum intake of protein and fat is removed,
Ornish diet: Doctor Dean Ornish by the large amounts of dietary fiber in foods and so it is recommended that low-fat foods, meat, fish and alcohol bans comes between.
Zone diet: Doctor Barry Sears'ın meals from carbohydrates, fat and protein diet is recommended to balance the amount of blood sugar levels also planted in the order specified.

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