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Friday, January 7, 2011


Grand Unity Party (BBP), a group of Istanbul Provincial Organization, Abdul Hamid Khan explains, "Sultan's Secret," they go to watch the films in front of Sultan Süleyman period described in the "Great Century" series of protest.

Abdul Hamid Khan told a group of members of the Istanbul Provincial Organization of BBP, "Sultan's Secret" came to watch the action in front of the Sisli film was shown in the films. One aired on television and described the period of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent "Great Century" series, karalandığının Ottoman Empire Suleiman the Magnificent in the emphasis on show in action, such as lustful, and producer of the series was published in the channels of protest.

BBP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Bayram Khan has spoken on the subject. Khan, referring to oil prices in Turkey, Abdul Hamid Khan reminded hazırlattığını map of oil throughout the country. "The Secret of the Sultan 'Abdul Hamid Khan's film, a visionary, far-sighted Khan stressed that a human being," In our country, this is not karalayan history, history, seeing the beauty of movies should be done, "he said.

Khaled Ergenç played "Great Century" series about the Khan showing lustful Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, "as a brothel in the harem of the Ottoman sultan showing the prurient. RTÜK will be a request. Let them take this kind of movies to watch. Anyway need to apply to sanctions. "He said.

The group made the comment after the "Sultan's Secret" was to watch the movie theater.

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