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Friday, January 7, 2011

RTUK EZEL President "to engage in ABESLE"

The length of time series of the famous actor Kenan İmirzalıoğlu participated in the discussions.

Ferzan Ozpetek night of the award on behalf of the players participating in high-wage İmirzalıoğlu Kenan stated that long time series of asks the President replied RTUK ...

Sixteenth London Turkish Film Festival Audience Award''Golden Wings ", a ceremony held in Istanbul," Sharma Mines''was the film director Ferzan Özpetek. Özpetek Award, presented by State Minister and Chief Negotiator Bagis. Night, the players Nurgul Yesilcay, Ali Sunal, Pelin Batu, Clear Tüzünataç and Kenan Ertugrul Ozkok İmirzalıoğlu including journalist with many guests. Ozpetek is due to arrive this prize for him in the audience said it is very important,''This award, the director who died last year, devoting Tokatlı'ya''Erdogan said.

Abesle engaged in a situation
Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, wants higher wages because of the players who said the long time series of the President, Professor David Dursun description RTUK replied. Celebrity player striking descriptions are as follows: "Eğerki fee to download the last resort, if that's what I am willing to work but have a side in the following: was the crisis that extended periods of time. Uzatılırken Times in reduced numbers. Now, again, again, while truncating the figures he has been dropped, will be 2 times the discount. This is a situation compa abesle. The remedy we've created the most accurate and OyuncuSen SineSen main trade unions to put the right rules. "

90 minutes and even longer time scales İmirzalıoğlu daşunları about to be told: "One week, a 90-minute work really hard to attract. Aggressive business. Okay too tiring for players.'ve Been sleepless. It affects our performance. Sergileyemiyoruz acting as good as we want. Because We have to educate. Sometimes it happens again, take a chance. Our role ends up going home. But in terms of the technical team work very hard and very exhausting. Very few people are sleeping. kids can not see happening. So it must come from human conditions. European Union countries and America needs to come to the standards. there is also part of the work in the following. If we do not know this series, 90 minutes, but shot down 45 minutes to 60 minutes followed by falls seyircimizde a better quality job. "

'Ferzan OUR pride'
The Kenan İmirzalıoğlu about Ferzan Ozpetek, Ferzan our international onurumuz. We are proud because of his presence. Very important is doing very valuable work. Turkey is very well represented. His films include the world-wide awards. This is very important to us, "he said.

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