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Monday, December 20, 2010

Yesterday's children''if it !..''

Yilmaz Vural'dan Kasimpasa coach, player and referee Abdullah Yilmaz Eskişehirsporlu slam: "In this category, out of shame, I offend. football, begged me to take from the game."

Position of the match in the 40th minute of play areas Eskişehirspor'la AJANSSPOR.COM to evaluate the Kasimpasa coach Yilmaz Vural, "Continuous centilmenlikten talking about, but nothing change. the match finished, we lost 2-0. Üsküdar was the horse. I'm sick to say the same things. Now, what build instructions, how to yansak worry in vain. We then cluster düşelim yaşandıktan positions, "he said.

Eskişehirsporlu Batuhan, knowing that his foot pressed Merthan'ın player belirtan Vural, "This is so much shame, I offend in one word. Futbolcumun almost kırılıyordu foot. begged me to take from the game. There was no alternatives, was compelled to continue the game. Under normal conditions, a second, more in the field could not stay. Leg livid right now, but I could not be obtained. Then, 'sister team' it said. Fraternity, this can not be, "he said.

Referee Abdullah Yilmaz, directed that all decisions are wrong Kasimpasa match defending Yilmaz Vural, "Each has maçımızı ashtray. Table obvious. The latest example occurred yesterday. Game durdurmuyorsun why? Side judge," What do I do I told him, "he says. hakemsen durdursana game is going to say . Galatasaray match of last season we had the same thing. 82'inci minute players was injured. He ate goal of the match referee in the game stopped and the continuation of the position, "he said.

Batuhan sharply criticizing the veteran coach, "Adamlığımız ourselves because of things like this always comes to us. yesterday's child does this, people do not say that word. Then his coach, the manager also celebrates the footballer. So how futbolumuz get it right? Fair-play , where the gentleman's left? TV images do not think the punishment given. His left side snow, "he said.

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