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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kewell'a doping per match ..

Konyaspor Galatasaray Harry Kewell against the striking image of the living, only match this season başılardan won half a million euros.

Harry Kewell ... Yellow-red orb of fans. Each technical staff of the man they would like to see a star. It also gives great importance to private life. So hard to view the night to visit him. The only question mark with a kind of Australian football injuries recover the collar. In the performance of the field are brought up frequently in the liver problem.

Kewell set to leave alone for much of last season, before the circuit for discharging the foreign quota, and then at the end of season 'go list' took place. Nonda'yı by management, the report of the health team despite negative pressure from the fans 'Wizard of Oz' with a 1-year contract renewed. However, Kewell was a new contract is a significant change.

Warranty money from more than 35 per cent discount to the star player, has signed a contract indexed to cost-per-match. Because Australians wore uniform for every game this season means that 30 thousand euros. This figure is the highest among Premier League players per match fee shed sweat. Besiktas, Aurelio, 25 thousand euros per game receiving. Fatih Tekke had worn the uniform of each meeting, gaining 40 thousand TL.

Yellow-red in 17 games this season, struggling under the form of Harry Kewell in the first half of the league match başılardan only won 510 thousand euros. That is almost as teammate Pino annual earnings. Star names, 1 million 80 thousand euro 1 million 590 thousand euros in advance with the guarantee fee was awarded.

The observed decrease in previous matches, the last half-hour, physical-fitness and Kewell, Konyaspor match the most active team player. Golde has significant contribution to Australian during a match, he also drew attention koşularla. Mücadeleriyle European trophy this season and the 1151 minutes of the Kewell in the field, the league took part in 899 minutes. Thus, 'The Wizard of Oz', Galatasaray Ayhan, Neill, Wealth, and Sabri'den Pino 'after the 5th time in the league most footballer 'was.

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