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Monday, December 20, 2010

"What do Servetus" ..

Vice President Haluk Özkıyıcı Bursaspor, Galatasaray would be transferred to young stars, Volkan Şen Sercan Yildirim's an interesting manner that allegedly replied ..

Vice President Haluk Özkıyıcı Bursaspor, NTV Sports Radio is made important disclosures.

Sercan Yildirim Volkan Şen and evaluating the claims that would be transferred to Galatasaray Özkıyıcı, Sports Vision program producer Bülent Yüksel, "I am the second President, I do not know. At least one must be patient until a week can see the better what is going on. I also Servetus vereceklermiş us. What do we Servetus? wealth instead of who is going to play Is Omar Erdogan,Did he Lisa Aziz, AbrahamDid he? All Servet'ten good. Galatasaray Keep Wealth. what happened to the clubs this is coming from managers. uydurmasıdır These claims manager "was the description.

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