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Monday, December 20, 2010

Here are the most popular team of 2010!

Media Monitoring Center performs "Popular sports clubs, research, " according to the 2010, sports media, sports clubs became clear from the very agenda .. That team and the "Top 10 " list ...

Media Monitoring Centre and the sports world's most popular sports clubs every year, prepared by the press is determined according to the results of 2010 survey, still in first place anyone kaptırmadı Fenerbahce.

Media Monitoring Centre (MTM) of the survey conducted by the popular sports clubs, sports clubs from the agenda of the sports media in 2010, was the winner last year, anyone kaptırmayan Fenerbahce. Each year, prominent media coverage of this year, as well as sports organizations, football clubs from the output. Thousands of newspapers, magazines, television news channels and news site for analyzing research, following the Besiktas, Galatasaray joined the previous year, compared to the rating, losing second place in the next.

The media show any interest in Bursaspor'a Super League champions, the Green-whites in the list of most popular sports clubs, but able to take fourth place. This year of 2009, the fifth most spoken in the interest in sports club, Sivasspor'a fell. Sivasspor reduced by 35 percent the number of news in the list 8 declined the order, Manisaspor, Eskisehirspor and Gaziantepspor in 2010, are now increasing in popularity with other teams.

Survey ranking the most popular sports clubs in the year are as follows:

1 - Fenerbahce
2 - Galatasaray
3 - Besiktas
4 - Trabzonspor
5 - Bursaspor
6 - Kayserispor
7 - Manisaspor
8 - Sivasspor
9 - Eskisehirspor
10 - Gaziantepspor

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