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Monday, December 20, 2010

Erzurumspor'da what's going on? The legend of the president ..

Once upon a time, including the saga does not Erzurumspor PM .. So the legendary chairman Jamal Parker, do you think about this sad situation .. Here is the author of Ajansspor Tahir Sedat Polat speaking words ..

An Anatolian team Super League is not easy to rise .. It is essential for bringing together a lot of factors. That season the 1998-1999 season, aided Adanaspor Cem Uzan, Denizlispor, Eskisehirspor, Sakaryaspor cities such as football, and this saga by the bottom of the staff who was writing a saga Erzurumspor 1 Hayrettin is the only player in league experience (a term Fenerbahce, Genclerbirligi and played football in Karsiyaka) together with 3 friends in the middle of the season because of lack of money devoted to the team.

Here is a free, free, unsupported vizyonsuz and this team, led by young presidents Cemal Polat, Sadie Tekelioglu management and in love with football (that time) caught the mood of a city with the Super League with children was rising. Can Altay, Hussein, Abdul slapstick, Muzaffer Bilazer, Coskun Birdal, Furkan Şükürcü, with players such as in memory of the Erzurumspor Alparslan Tice, according to some failed administration, according to some super-saturation, due to their third league season, fell to a lower stage.

Then, respectively, before the second league A, B, and finally 3 League fell .. Matches this season due to lack of money also will turn amatörlüğe Erzumspor çıkamadığından.

Why was it, was derelict why Erzurumspor .. Maybe you know what happened, but those living in Erzurum, Erzurum, unable to give any sense of what happened in those from outside the heart of this team. How is it that the region's largest city team falls in this situation. There are currently deplorable state, and which holds the Erzurumspor'da what's going to be a hundred?

The legend of the President Cemal Polat Erzurumspor'un questions asked.

- Mr. Polat, first-out period Erzurumspor'un could you tell? How this success was caught, Who did you support?
Erzurumspor'da success devamlılıktan governments, starved of long years of success, the technical committee to work with the creation of a harmonious, success-hungry players are transfers, friendship and family atmosphere in the team is provided, and the city jointly by all layers of management, technical team, players, club staff and supporters The integration was caught with. I have 3 years of management duties, Mr. Hamza Çimili'nin 7 years 7 months 7 days after receiving the president did. 2.5 years after becoming president, as I mentioned, Turkey 1 League raised. Me and my friends' priority of the ruling was to be determined, before we did it, the city population is more common in "material and moral support to the team for years, results are not available," We tried to break the idea. "First, through it, then we want to taraftardan" have adopted the idea. Champion our term, we have not received financial support is very important we make our money, but the truth remains of secondary importance. I have friends and management have solved the financial issues within us. Have created sympathy for one of Erzurum in Turkey. This success stands primarily fans, playing with futbolcularımızın devotion, the technical team and everyone contributed to the administration. For many years we have talked about the champion with a success

- You go in the First League gerçekleştirmediniz a very successful transfer policy. Do you wonder if caught unprepared? For example, Sadie did not continue to cause Hocayla. Factor was not directly contribute to the team of foreign players?
Sadie wanted to continue with the teacher but did not. He did not want to continue. As for the transfer, the staff we have retained the championship. Foreign transfers at the time the request was made and the budget for teacher isimlerdi Hikmet Karaman. Unfortunately, the problem of compliance yabancılarımızın lasted long.

- As in the following knowledge, Erzurumspor'da breaking point, Alexander Löebe'nin transferiydi Trabzonspor. He went so far a very good team and that season was landing after going Loeb dropped to a lower division. Why did you leave Löebe'nin allowed?
I need to address the cluster as a whole fell Erzurumspor'un season. To begin with we are the Champion season, played three seasons in the league şanssızlığımız our very serious economic crisis in Turkey over the budget, the phrase has scattered. TV revenue is indexed to dollars, the dollar was £ 1200 we were receiving £ 675 fixed. Income from £ 675, costs £ 1200 from the budget that was giving half the fire. To close the budget deficit by sales people trained to the transfer of young players, promising a cheaper cost we had to turn to the players.

As for the departure of Löebe'nin, Samsunspor before displacement, the match came to me 5 hours before the contract conditions (own set) wanted to change this with a new agreement. The federation said it would not do. We are also not accept it, to tell you that after the game, Erzurum, around the issue in detail even though konuşacağımızı diretip concentration at sixes and sevens team when the match out of the squad have left him there. Later we learned that the complaint Löebe'nin fedarasyona us on the eve of the match and an important contribution to the event issuing to us that there is a man's understanding of what we have decided to separate ways. Loeb remains in the team discipline was you would not have a chance to provide.

- Erzurumspor'un 2 fall league season, among them Omar Diyarbakırspor'la Erdogan, Ali as a young and promising players, including the transfer of a block was performed. Although this maneuver was true.
Our players want to leave the block sale of the team conveyed to me. We look at their financial structure, the players' agreements made before 2 years of the league under the terms of transfer fees would be a very luxurious and it is thought that football players have decided to release our ways.

- Could you tell us the period of departure Erzurumspor presidency? Why leave the presidency?
During my Presidency, so much gossip about it has produced enough of that in this situation now. I also continue to work longer for me to bring a Erzurumspor'a understand. Because I knew what was required for success in a healthy structure. One of the biggest sorrows in those times, why Jamal Parker leave the office, leave, go, we the people he directs others to do the task in no time periods after mob did not put his hands under the stone and dropped more than life to Favorite Erzurumspor amateur. Halbu televisions at that time that I repeatedly told through the difficulties of finding an administrator, but supposedly dinlenmedi Erzurum. Erzurum, unfortunately, is said to Mahallebaşı'nda Gürcükapı'da believed to lie. No longer needs to distinguish between facts, rumors Erzurum. All matters not only in sports, this problems going on.

- What a topic that everyone's wondering, Erzurumspor what will happen? Does amateur to start again? Talk of an amateur team from the Metropolitan Council's support. Can we get information from you on this subject?
Without a strong middle management team was at the mercy of the President of the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum. According to the President of Erzurum Erzurumspor is spending his money in vain Erzurumspor the most beautiful example of how the show is destroyed. This attitude continued on his way to a successful end to be so like to have one. In a manner unprecedented in history from the league every 6 months ago 2 3 Amateur league after the league reduced to three. Currently the mayor, instead of Erzurumspor'un amateur to nearly 1.5 trillion budget provided Belediyespor'a Erzurum Metropolitan and Regional Amateur League with this team is struggling. But this team does represent Erzurumluyu this are discussed. Erzurumspor'u continues to struggle in the years of youth and amateur

- Erzurum, Turkey's most successful football manager in the history of the people of Erzurum for Erzurumspor think what to do?
Erzurum on the birth certificate should not be. Should take responsibility issues come out with Erzurum Erzurum. There is no friend to us then another. If we are çabalamaz for you many years of Erzurum Erzurum unclaimed "I get the go nidalarına. Erzurum lot when put democratic response. I need good ones to choose us to manage.

- What are your ideas about Erzurumspor Presidency. Can we see you again as President of Erzurumspor in the world of football?
As a generation old, and I had come. Now, the dynamic young people and young business people than we have. Which is on the right is a young and dynamic people, and the presidents of these people out of the new government is to carry forward Erzurum and Erzurumspor'u. We need to help these people, we are on our experience.

- Mr. Parker, Erzurum, unconditional election, voters support the current ruling party in the last general election, ruling party lawmakers was all. Eskisehirspor the ruling party, and especially Trabzonspor Antalyaspor a known fact that they do help. Why Erzurumspor'dan esirgeniyor this assistance. Are they seen as the liberated zone in Erzurum.
I tried to explain above döndüğünce slice. The unconditional support of a party after the elections the people of Erzurum Erzurum, why people are flying in the air sounds remained unclaimed. For example, 2004 municipal elections, the ruling party candidate göstermeyince Trabzon Trabzon, Trabzon, Volkan Canaalioğlu'nu our former football player, chose the Mayor. This is a democratic step. This is the self-government. Then what happened? One was the next cabinet minister Faruk Ozak. Need to demonstrate the democratic response of Erzurum. Seçmemesi need to manage itself in a blind men. If we let the political vision which should act responsibly instead of local nationalism. If we do not do it, oh woe Please see support in other provinces. Erzurum, the first priority, the Erzurum, Erzurum Erzurumluyu MPs will have to choose an independent candidate in the foreground if necessary. At that time, politicians, Erzurum, my vote is already in my pocket, no place to say what to make of unnecessary effort.

- Ajansspor family as you would like to thank Mr. Polat.
I offer greetings and love to all the readers and the people of Erzurum Ajansspor.

* * *

Author's Note:

Mr. Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Minors, a love Erzurumspor. As soon as something else instead. Instead of trying to make Erzurumspor dictate to the people of Erzurum Metropolitan FC team, for the people of Ankara Ankaraspor AS What makes sense (as one living in Ankara say it, does not mean anything) for the people of Erzurum is also the same expression.

No doubt a technical man like Hasan Celik per team to bring an event of regional amateur league. But what has Erzurumspor from within, you know better than I do. Again this community Tekelioglu Sadie, Hayrettin, Namik, Abdullah, Abdul, Coates, Victor, Muzaffar will be released. Erzurumspor, sevdasıdır the people of Erzurum. Killing of this love.

ERZURUM final word to the people;
The people of Erzurum loves football, of course, also like Erzurumspor'u. But this love should not be limited to reading the newspaper Erzurumspor news. Erzurumspor'u like Jamal Parker, Orkun, such as Boots, as Selah Öğdüm, such as Sade Öğdüm, such as Nurul Hasan Pala, such as the Slope will love it.

Should not Erzurumspor in difficult situations, such as Orhan Ozsoy your heart combustion, to jump the field. Erzurumspor to fight for.

I believe that the people who love Erzurumspor'u really longed ERZURUMSPOR'a again will have increased recently with the Turkish Football ...

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