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Monday, December 20, 2010

"Fenerbahce is finished"

Trabzonspor coach Senol Gunes, made explanations on many issues important .. Jaja, Teofilo and clearly speaking about Peter Solar, said, referring to Fenerbahce, Schuster stood on words ..

Sun, Mehmet Ali Yilmaz Facility evaluated at a press conference of the league's first circuit, and then answered questions from members of the press.

They closed out the first half of the 2010-2011 season, putting in the sun,''said at the beginning of the year by standing behind your words here. Maçındaki 17 league games, we received the results, kulübümü community and made me happy,''he said.

Sun stressed that the association is an important element for the success of Trabzonspor,''the results, too, if we look at what we've done, the technical team, players, fans, media, the association said that the first step to success. Provided we have taken the right steps is accompanied by a day since we came. Different is what makes the difference and want to be the winning team. Taraftarımızın said that this club's symbol. It showed. Supporters have a sample. You have shown once again in numbers. The fans have shown just does not belong to the city of Trabzon. The roots here, but a kulübüz branches all over the world. Fertile land,''he said will be plenty of sun.

Sun, came face to face with the realities of their own, would be sincere, to share as much as possible before telling the public to express issues, said:
Team and club should sahiplenmemiz işlemiştik''. We have received in this distance. Successful players in this regard. This makes me happy. We want to put pressure on the opponent, a team, each player's value, but told not indispensable. The smoking, not the star football player wanted to spark issuing. Where we come from, we know where we are and where to go. Trabzonspor yet completed its work, has only half of the road. Trace a result can not be completed. Much more work.''

Sun, burgundy-blue club's new board of directors also wished success,''Camiaya get better. We thank the valuable work with our friends in the past. They are forgotten. Need to investigate the contributions inside and outside. Not just racing, it stands out as an idea should be a team. Have responsibilities towards Turkey. Turkey needs a good unity. Need a good Trabzonspor. Turkish football mud thrown to us will be damaged. For a long time been in the profession. Never been in any action detrimental to the country football. Our priority is to result. However, all the way to get results is not permissible. We respect the criticism of us, we know to answer,''he said insults.

Especially people in the community that needs your help telling the Sun,''for one year here. There was apart from the long period of time. According to past media and supporters that distance, I argue that a major contribution. Have deficiencies. Critics take aim. Is said to have changed. You change yourself, you will see that everyone has changed and evolved,''he said.

Not to complain, the problem is that to solve the task, would take pleasure in doing so noted previously told The Sun, said:
''I want the team to continue the support and love. This will take you to forward them to the support and love. Should give positive messages, it is the responsibility of not only my community but all sports belirtiyorum. Vision and the project is not without responsibility on the future status of people who are caught in a ship's captain. Where toslayacakları never know. Therefore, we must determine our vision and our philosophy, you have to use the best way. Different ways to apply for an instant to get good results no good for corporations and individuals. In the past we lost in 1996, sapmadık side roads. Fenerbahçe lost the title last year, I think sapmadığını. Fenerbahce played with the processing of trophies at the beauties maçındaki also uncomfortable. Şikayetçiyim now. Positive feelings of negativity in the country handled this kind of violence was committed more than prepare the ground. Fed this understanding that is needed for coaches and administrators to remain on the outside.''

The sun, seen more beauty defect, stating''We deficiencies güzelleştikçe batacaktır afford more. Criticism must be in love to. Football is loved and everyone can speak on this issue. But the authorities must be responsible for the speech. I also made mistakes in the past from time to time. But has been less damaging. The less the error, the more you take the way''he said.

Sun, Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, said that the big clubs and communities,''results not lose anything no matter what their size. These teams, the locomotive of Turkish football with us, at least olmazlarıdır. Bursaspor participated in these last few years. Four adults place, community, fans, history and different projects. They should be responsible for all the units,''he said.

Criticism that it is natural, it saves the sun coming tolerated,''the elders managers, coaches, players, everyone must be responsible, careful speech. Not only responsible for their own club, the country was responsible for football talk. Quite natural that some of our friends to comment on this work, the former football players, newspapers, members of the missing dose of criticism, they will be. I'm looking at that side, but to insult me. Eleştirsinler us, this is their most natural right. But what makes teams puandaki received less than 42 points, we see disrespect. Need to eliminate this fight. We do not need us but other clubs in need. Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas needs. This type of attack does not make them better. 'I was them, I also attacked, I took down the' If you say tomorrow you and your job will turn the country into chaos football,''he said.

- MY SUCCESS''Fenerbahce BAŞARISIZLIĞIMDAN exceeds ...''-
The sun will not be recorded in the fight, said:
'We would be no in this fight. I'm doing before the error. Have used a statement of the referee. I am looking to spend time playing a football game, the team tried to protect the approach of interest is not criticism. I also stiffness disrupts his opponent's game, he talked about the referee on behalf of the points and examine the concept of winning work. But I was disturbed when the purpose of exceeding Emoticons. 'll Say I'm disturbed, because he is not my aim. If the success of a competitor yakalayacaksam arbitrator and not caught by the right my own business.
Fenerbahce Fenerbahçe's success exceeds my başarısızlığımdan is finished. Fenerbahçe's success through his own business doing it right, do right. I went to the matches, Gaziantepspor'a are defeated, Mr. Aziz Yildirim I saw the excitement and enthusiasm. He fans come to the site, new projects have to be the envy. That club, camiaya, supporters claiming I did. It points us in the lane. Gaziantepspor'a defeated, no negativity, what is beautiful. We have won the match we play that week. Fenerbahce, FC match, was defeated. Fenerbahce have an understanding of a manager's beyanatına look exactly the opposite. It was time to exit a personal statement, the club is a policy? Kulübünse if you do not think, because Mr Aziz would not be such a policy. Aziz Bey, the least successful in the club's corporate identity and worked hard for the growth of plants.
I went to the game at Fenerbahce, who lost the championship a year ago, the fans showed me love. I did not negativity. I'm telling them to rival team. It uses the opposing team's coach or trainer is wrong with this statement, or there is something wrong with this arrangement. Should not be opportunistic. Fenerbahçe's size, dimming the future of young people in the name of a trainer, not to save the day through his expressions. He also should know that büyümeyeceğini expressions. My advice as a big, konuşsunlar a little more careful. This is football country harm. He dims the future, my future is no more.''

Sun, monitoring and evaluation committee would meet once a new board of directors said the transfers will tell about their thoughts. Sun will record a clear explanation on this subject later, Victor Yelen and Sezer said that the ideas do not go.

Round-Teofilo AND JAJA'NIN
Gomez, Teofilo and Jaja'nın gidişlerinin different countries, stating that,''Jaja asked permission, but I did not. True, false tartışmıyorum. Three days ago wanted to allow. Very urgent need to go now I said. After the match I wanted to go. Certainly it did not credible. He said it too. But he şartlandırmıştı himself after the match to go. After the match, asked for permission again. Will not give in I did. Did I see as an attitude. There is fine. There are other size of business. Teofilo went on. Problems may be, do not know. FIFA need to discuss this issue before. World football's irdelenmeli for the development of these. I think the laws of the increasingly batırdığını Bosman football. Borçlanıyorlar I'm going. Side-values keep clubs alive. A year after three years are going to come. FIFA must be up. Investment'm doing, I should value. Jaja'nın compliance was good. The team also had loved his friends. Sorry when you go. Your child is sick, I think it ayrılamadığını. As for the penalty and will continue to receive''he said.

The sun, viewed as problematic on a number of errors Engin said the discomfort in his emphasis on football,''We have extended our hands. He is not down to us, we would like to take it up. Their beauty flaws. Such as acne appear. Everything is good when you go position player a yellow card towards the penalty did, he did the wrong speakers. But they also need to train for the discussion of the player itself. I am responsible at the beginning of the work. Also must be careful players for. Engin improvement over me as I accept the task. My problem is their problem. I apologize to the public. Trying to change. No he will not change that will not hurt football community and country. Engin is not for myself, I want to win for country football. Peters also know that, me too. Will not know,''he said.

Earned a penalty in the league in recent weeks, indicating the positions of the sun to speak,''we talked about penaltılarımız. Alex's free kick goal of the match, Fenerbahce has happened is not right to ask his fair evaluation. Then we consider each position. We also put our goal in Bursa, why they did not, let's say they did for a foul,''he said these are not true.

Besiktas coach Schuster 'without sakatlıklarımız Trabzonspor would not be so easy to be a leader' to a question put to him on the words of the''Yes, I agree, may be true. Besiktas is a good team. Sports also worked hard deformities. One very good way to stumble. Besiktas is a good community. Complacency is not an us. Yazılanlara look, there is an issue that everyone understands. 5 points ahead of us that we, do not get different. We like gerisindeymişiz Fenerbahce Bursaspor 5 points 9 points will work as gerisindeymişiz. I say to my players responded with ".

The sun, there by saving a match to play in front of them with the Gaziantep Metropolitan FC,''last year, Boluspor, Denizli kazanmasaydık FC matches, the cup kazanamayacaktık. Torku'ya Manisa, Besiktas Gaziantep Metropolitan Belediyespor'a lost. We live in distress lose. Yaşamamalıyız trouble in the race. Small victories, big goals takes. To allow foreign players, the match does not mean we do not important. Each player is valuable. These values koymalılar out. These values will not be the meaning of being here koymazlarsa. We want to make a good holiday season off,''he said.

Sun, 29 December, burgundy-blue team was gathered to begin preparations for the new season, just a day camp in Guinea because of the problem in the late Ibrahima Yattara'nın join the ticket, he added.

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