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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We finished the PKK, how many times?

To fight terrorism as if there is a perception there are only two ways to fight. 1) head, understands the language of terrorism, so violently crushed, 2) the state of terror because of errors and deficiencies, goes to them and get rid of terrorism.

The first understanding of 'military' or 'armed approach in trying to contain and fully armed solutions. Turkey since the beginning of the work has more of this approach in the fight against terrorism. Turgut Ozal of this approach question the like, even if the state think is wrong is almost pure and uninterrupted struggle with the PKK as a way of armed struggle only looked at very hard, and this method implemented in a way. The PKK and the state of the region's almost like a cylinder, passed like a tank. Previous Chief of General Staff Ilker Basbug, "30,000" I've made it ineffective. In 10,000 injured, have surrendered, "he said. And to grurla "Mathematically, we look at 26 years, the terrorist organization PKK, security forces have completed this 5 times."

However, very wrong Basbug, the number of men killed in fighting terrorism immeasurable success. Nestled in the country, especially if a terrorist killed a man, so also increases as the number of Failure. In this sense, the PKK 5 times in 26 years bitirmemiştir SWC, on the contrary, terror hortlatmıştır 5 times. And further magnifies every time, even kitleselleştirerek. I even know enough to understand the four transactions. Basbug öldürdüğümüzü 40,000 people or say or yaraladığımızı. Their mother and father, an average of 4 of his brother (which is higher), girlfriend, wife or child can add up nearly a quarter million people. If the aunt, still, if you add the numbers at a time of 1 million • grandpa finds. In other words, Mr. Basbug TSK sansa finished 5 times in the PKK, such as the generals sağolsunlar gentleman, let me saying the fight against terrorism with the Turkish state for at least 1 million people made the first-degree blood.

If your son or brother, for any reason, regardless of their state of the heart, he was killed by the hatred against the state easily in a short time and it also durulmaz doğrulmaz.


Unfortunately, the severity of the fight against terrorism is still present and generals koyanlar the center is still the central point of this view. However, the fight against terrorism is not the job of any democratic and developed state armies. Armies bürokrasileriyle solid and bulky, the threat can be called history's most mobile and flexible, they remain ineffective against terrorists. For this reason, we say for a long time, mosquito öldürülmez tank rifle. More importantly, being driven to destroy armies and armies of intervention lack sufficient power to distinguish between terrorists and the society to the detriment of large audiences and thus expand the area of terrorism would lead to abuse. So say the army to kill a fly with a sledgehammer is similar to the terrorist struggle. You salladıkça balyozu oranıza buranıza vurursunuz, unnecessarily yorulursunuz, flies circulates around the pleasure. In addition, in some cases, military intervention with a terrorist, that is so great to cause terrorism terrorist terrorists may be more. Are passed to the query about 1 million people in the Southeast, a few terrorists have been terrorizing the village to find tens of thousands of burned villages, etc. evacuated. will be understood more easily remember what we mean. Today, the PKK has found the most sympathetic audience that's easily made victims by the government people.


Generals to look at this table, "but civilians did nothing. We were left alone in the fight against "have no right to say no. Civilians and law enforcement powers to fight terrorism, extortion because the generals and not bringing anybody in this area because of the fight against terrorism, Turkey has lost his mind, had to move completely reactive and reflexive emotion. Whoever has not gone to break into security issues, the generals have left the sertinden kursaklarında this enthusiasm. Thus, the prime ministers of the country, ministers and intellectuals have had to disable the most important national issue. In fact, trying to make the task of the judge, prosecutor and district puts bilmezlerse if, that is, they get up to interfere in the work of soldiers, bombs around their homes, such as a blown generalimizin admits. On the other hand in some of the subversive groups, such as security issues very loved subconciously terror, to sustain continuous-pulse-administration of criminal networks such as the PKK, even found useful. Ergenekon, indictments, trials such as this understanding is packed with Sledgehammer.

In short, the fight against terrorism based in the army to act and not just respond violently to violence is to harm himself. Thus, the first of the two approaches mentioned at first, how much is understood that the wrong way. So, Is it the right way the second way? In other words, if the terrorists if we wanted to, you correct the error and eksiklerimizi terror ends? Excuse the next article, we discuss it.

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